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How To / Adding a Locum
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Adding a Locum

This article covers the basics of handling tasks, appointments, billing, and lab setup of locum users.


1. Set up Task Router

When a locum joins a clinic, a Task Router can be set up to direct all of the usual doctors incoming tasks to the locum for a certain period of time. 

This can be set up under Clinic Management -> Task Routers.

Please ensure the locum who will be receiving the doctor’s tasks is under the Redirect To label.

2. Reassign Locum's Tasks

When the locum is done covering, you can use the Mass Reassign Tasks button under Clinic Management to reassign all of the locum’s current and future dated tasks to the usual doctor. 

If the locum is covering multiple doctors, we strongly recommend assigning the tasks back to the correct doctors manually.

You may also reverse the task router set up in step 1, so that it will send new tasks from the locum’s inbox to the usual physicians. 

3. Check Task Box

To see the tasks the locum completed while the doctor was away, you can go into their task box from the Tasks page and into the Recently Completed category. 

To see the locum’s task box they must still be marked as an employee of your clinic (aka they are found on the list of Current Employees under Clinic Management -> Employees). You can keep the employee as part of the clinic for as long as needed or remove them and add them back temporarily when you need to check their task box.


To move appointments from the doctor’s schedule to the locum’s, we currently recommend setting the view of the Day View scheduler to only show the two schedules. Staff can then drag and drop the usual doctor’s appointments over to the locum’s schedule.

Billing Setup

BA number settings are found under Clinic Management -> Employees -> Edit -> Billing Settings.

If the locum is to be paid directly and the clinic reimbursed later, we recommend entering the locum’s personal BA into the first box Business Arrangement (BA to be Paid) and the usual physician’s BA into the second box Locum BA (BA for submission process).

In the case that the locum is covering multiple physicians, you can enter in any one of the BA numbers of the physicians the locum is covering into the “Locum BA” box.

For any other billing arrangement, please refer to the instructions on the side of the BA number popup and the link at the bottom of the popup.


Ava recommends that each locum should have their own lab IDs.

To find out where to apply for lab IDs and how to enter them into the EMR please refer to Setting Up eDelivery (Labs) for New Users.

When the locum leaves the clinic, it will be important to ensure they do not receive any lab results that go unmonitored.

To prevent this, you can do any of the following when they leave:

  • Cancel their lab delivery
  • Set up a task router to send all their incoming tasks to the usual physician
  • Manually monitor their task inbox

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