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How To / Adding an Ava EMR User to your Clinic
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Adding an Ava EMR User to your Clinic

When adding a new employee to your clinic, you will need to know if they have used Ava EMR previously.

If they have not used Ava EMR, please refer to Creating an Account for a New Employee / Ava User as the steps will differ.

If a new employee has used Ava EMR at another clinic before they will already have a username and password for the EMR. All you will need to do is invite them to your clinic.

If the employee is unsure whether they have used the EMR previously, you can follow steps 1-3 to search their account in the system. If they do not show up in the search results, it is likely they have not used Ava EMR.

Please ensure the following is done before getting started.

  • The new user you would like to add to your clinic has an Ava EMR account

Adding an Ava EMR User

1. Navigate to My Account -> Clinic Management -> Employees

2. Click on New Employee

3. Enter the last and first name of the employee you would like to add and click Search

Please ensure both names are spelt correctly.

If you are expecting to see the employee come up, but no results are showing, please try the following. Search only the first one to three letters of both the first and last name. This should allow you to find the employee’s account even if there was a spelling error in the name associated with their account.

4. Select the green plus icon to the right of the employees category 

If this employee has been a part of your clinic before, you will see two green arrows in a circular shape. You can click this icon to add them back.

If the employee is already part of your clinic, you will see a thumbs up icon.

5. Click Next

6. Fill out the settings you would like the employee to have

You will later have to create a schedule for the user if they will have appointments
  • Appointment settings
  • Lab settings. You can also edit these settings later by following the instructions on Setting Up eDelivery (Labs) for New Users
  • Billing settings. You can reference Adding a Locum for locum billing.
  • Billing Authorization
  • Patient authorization
  • Clinic authorization
  • Click Next and the EMR will return you to the Employees page. The user will be able to accept the invite to your clinic the next time they login.

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