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Ava Connect Portal / Ava Connect Email Invitation
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Ava Connect Email Invitation

Ava Connect is an elegant patient portal designed to give patients visibility and control of their health information. With Ava Connect, users are able to input their biometrics, view test results, message their physician, and schedule future appointments.

This guide outlines the sign-up process for patients who have been invited to join Ava Connect by their clinics through an email.

If your clinic has not sent you an email to sign up with Ava Connect you will not be able to sign up.

In the future, further guides will be created for other features within Ava Connect, so please feel free to contact Ava Connect to deliver feedback or suggestions.

Email Invitation

If your clinic has invited you to join Ava Connect, you will have received an email that looks like the one below.

In the email, click the blue “Sign Up To Ava Connect” button to proceed.

Screenshot of an AVA Connect email invitation button
If you do not receive an email, it is possible that your email provider has blocked it. We recommend adding the Ava Reminder Email to your safe senders list and resending the email to allow the email to be delivered.

You can also add the Ava Reminder Email to your safe senders list if the email went to your spam folder. This will prevent future emails such as message notifications from going to the spam folder.


The blue “Sign Up To Ava Connect” button from the email will direct you to a page that looks like the one below.

Screenshot of AVA Connect email invitation form

Here you will have to enter your date of birth to confirm your registration.

Screenshot of AVA Connect date of birth select

Once you have entered your date of birth, please create a strong password.

Ava values security. Our algorithm is built to only accept very strong passwords.

To increase password strength try:
• Increasing the password length
• Using letters, numbers, and special characters
• Including uncommon words
• Including unpredictable capitalization. For example, apArtMent vs apartment

Next click the Accept Terms of Service box as outlined in the photo below

This will bring up a popup window with the Terms Of Service. Click the I Have Read The Terms And Accept button once you are ready. This window should then close.

A screenshot of AVA's Terms of Service

Click Submit once the above steps are complete.

You should see a popup to confirm the successful creation of your account.

Click the blue Take Me To The Login Page button.

A screenshot of the 'successful account creation' state on AVA Connect

You can then login with your email and newly created password to Ava Connect.

Enjoy Ava Connect!

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