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Ava Connect Patient Registration

Ava Connect is our state-of-the-art patient portal designed to give users visibility and control of their health information. With Connect, users will be able to input biometrics, test results, message their physician, and schedule future appointments from a single platform.

This guide will thoroughly outline the patient sign-up and registration process. In the future, further guides will be created for other features within Connect, so please feel free to contact AVA Support to deliver feedback or suggestions.

The AVA Connect service is limited to the patients of physicians using AVA EMR. Please ensure that your physician is using AVA EMR before undergoing the registration process.


Your Connect journey starts at Ava Connect.

1. From the Connect log-in page, select Sign Up.

2. You will then have to input several important pieces of information:

An email address, password, health insurance number, and province of residence.

There is an option to input a recovery phone number, but this is not necessary for the initial registration process.

3. You will be prompted to Accept the Terms of Service. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to confirm the terms of service.

Terms of Service window with a red box highlighting a button labeled 'I Have Read The Terms and Accept'

4. To complete the registration, you will need to input a confirmation code sent to the email address you provided.

This process might take a few minutes, so please refresh your inbox a few times until the email is received. Also, please ensure that you check your spam folders in case the code gets redirected there.

Complete Registration window with a red box highlighting a button labeled 'Resend Email' and a form field labeled 'Enter the code that was emailed to you'

Clinic Verification

The next step is to be confirmed by your clinic. For security purposes, we require you to verify your identity with your clinic themselves as well.

This ensures your information safety, and also ensures that your physician can access you through their AVA EMR.

Complete Registration prompt with a button labeled 'Login'

Once you have been verified, you have completed the Connect registration process and will have full access to the platform.

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