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Ava eForms

How to access, build and share with your patients

Ava eForms allows EMR users to share customizable electronic forms with patients while they are in the waiting room or remotely through email. Ava eForms can be securely filled out by your patients and the completed Ava eForm will be added to your Tasks.

Adding Ava eForms to Your Collection

If you want to get started with Ava eForms that have already been built, then follow the instructions below.

1. Navigate to My Account > Ava eForm Templates.

Here is where you can manage pre-built and custom Ava eForms.

2. Click on Browse Ava eForms.

3. Use the plus icon beside each Ava eForm to add them to your collection.

If you prefer to create your own Ava eForms, use the following section.

Building Custom Ava eForms

1. Navigate to My Account > Ava eForm Templates.

2. Click Create/Edit My Ava eForms > New

Start by naming your Ava eForm, then click Create Form.

3. Create Sections and Questions

Ava allows you to create multiple sections per Ava eForm, and under each section you can create multiple questions that are associated with it.

Give each section a name and optionally a description. The patient will see this information when they access the Ava eForm

To add a question, click the New Form Item In Section button.

This will bring up the following view.

Use the dropdown marked by the number 1 in the image above to select the question type.

The question types are as follows:

Text - for questions which require short or long written answers. For example, the patient's name or the reason for their visit.
Date - creates a date field with a calendar on the Ava eForm. Could be used for example for the date of birth of a patient or the last time they experienced pain.
Number - best for questions which patients should only answer with a numeric value. For example a patient’s level of pain on a scale of 1- 10.
Select - creates a multiple choice question. Enter the options the patient can select using the text box and arrow button as shown in the image below.

Use the text field marked by the number 2 to set a title for the question.

Use the text field marked by the number 3 to optionally set a description to help the patient answer the question.

Use the checkbox marked by the number 4 to make the question required on the eForm. Patients must complete all required questions before submitting an eForm.

To add sections, click the “+” sign beside the Add a Section button.

Click Submit once you are finished. Ava automatically saves the forms as you create them, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Make sure to add the Ava eForm to your Ava eForm Collection by clicking the Plus Icon on the very right side of the screen under the Browse Ava eForms section.

Use the three vertical dots to delete a form, a section, or just a question.

You can add the Ava eForm to your entire clinic’s collection under Clinic Management > Clinic Ava eForms.

4. Send the Ave eForm to your patient.

Note: In order to fill out Ava eForms, patients will need a date of birth recorded in their demographics.

1. Open the chart of the patient you wish to send the Ava eForm to.

2. Under Clinical Notes, Click the notebook icon to access your Ava eForms.

3. Click the plus icon in the top right corner.

4. Select the Ava eForm you wish to send, your clinic, and the person who should receive a task when the Ava eForm is completed.

5. You will see the following screen

6. If you have a tablet at your clinic for patients to check-in, you can keep the tablet on

The patient will only need to enter in the clinic ID and the point of care code.

The point of care code is found on the page that is shown when you click the notebook icon from the patient’s chart.

Point of care codes last 6 hours, but can be refreshed if need be. After the point of care code expires, the refresh button will replace it.

7. If you wish to email the Ava eForm to the patient, you can click the “E-mail form to patient” button.

Emailed Ava eForms will be valid for 30 days.

5. Convert the Ava eForm response into a SOAP Note.

Once the patient has filled out the Ava eForm, whoever was selected to receive the task will receive the results in their Taskbox.

In order to convert the result into SOAP Note, hover over the Patient Chart > Clinical Notes > Click the notebook icon to access the completed Ava eForm.

Then click the build note icon

Select the note template you wish to use and click Build New Clinical Note.

6. Example Ava eForms

Pre-Visit Questionnaire

Walk-In Intake Questionnaire

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