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Billing / Billing Resources and Tips
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Billing Resources and Tips

As clinicians ourselves, we understand the challenges of medical billing. We’ve put together this collection of resources for you to reference as well as some tips to make the process easier.



AMA Billing Tips

AMA Billing Help

Billing submission codes

Fee Navigator is an excellent resource for determining the meaning of each submission code and for referencing modifiers.

PDF from AHS containing FAQs on virtual health billing and multiple general billing resources.

Billing rejection codes

Fee Navigator can also provide the meanings of rejection codes

Another resource for the meaning of rejection codes

Common error codes and some suggested solutions

For further assistance with understanding why certain bills were rejected, please contact AH. To increase AH response times, we strongly recommend including the claim number in your email.

The claim number can be found by opening the bill in the reconciliation screen and hovering over the question mark near the bottom of the screen.

Private billing services

For in depth guidance on billing or assistance with completing billing, we recommend the following professional services.

Alpas Medical Billing

Sherritt Services


AVA EMR Submission Guidelines

Bills are submitted daily.

AH processes bills Tuesday-Thursday

Payments will be received the following Friday

I.e Bill submissions made on Wednesday the 1st will have their payment received on Friday the 10th.

As per a bulletin from AH, we recommend an 80 day cutoff for billing.

The bulletin implies that while there are 90 days to submit bills, AH is unable to process them all in a timely fashion the week before the cutoff.

This means that even with the daily submissions that AVA provides, AH may not be able to process your bills on time.

Read the bulletin


General Tips for Bill Resubmissions

  • To resubmit bills with a status of “Needs Review”, you can change the information relating to the bill (i.e fix healthcare number on a patient, change service code, update physician BA) and simply click the “Update” button to resubmit the new bill to AH.
  • After updating the bill’s information, AVA will intelligently create a new submission or update the old bill depending on the rule. The RFSE or APLY code is not displayed in the EMR, but is handled in the background by AVA.
  • If your bill for an out of province patient or a patient with several identifiers was rejected, please ensure the patients province in their address is the same as their identifier province. Please note there is no reciprocal arrangement with Quebec, these bills cannot be processed by Alberta Health.
  • Each time you submit to AH, the 90 day submission period will reset.
  • Bills that have been paid can also be canceled so you can claim a different service code. Search for the paid bill and simply click “delete”. Then on the next submission cycle (1 week later), submit a new bill for that service.

Error Code 37

Ensure the BA number and Prac ID are active and confirmed by AH. Only bills made on or after the active date will be accepted by AH.

The locum can confirm the skill code and PracID in their account are correct by logging into AVA EMR and navigating to Account Management -> Physician Information. They can change the information here if need be.

If you are receiving an error code 37 after adding a new locum to your clinic, please refer to the Billing Setup section of the article linked below.

How to Add a Locum

Error Code 39DA

This error code indicates an issue with the facility number.

The default facility number is set under Clinic Management. The clinic should have a unique facility number. If the facility number is not being used on a bill, the Location code should be set. This is important for billing outside of the clinic, ex. nursing home billing.

If you are unsure what your facility number is, please contact your facility manager or AH.

Error Code 39DB

This error code indicates an issue with the functional centre.

The functional centre is only required for some facility numbers and it must be connected to the facility number. If you are unsure what your functional centre is or if it is connected, please contact your facility manager or AH.

Get more help with billing by contacting AH with the claim numbers of your bills:

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