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Billing / Billing Timelines
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Billing Timelines

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This article highlights the timelines associated with billing in the Ava EMR and Alberta Health (AH).

For help with billing rejection codes please refer to Billing Resources and Tips.

Ava EMR submits bills daily to AH.

Since AH processes bills Tuesday-Thursday 4:30 pm, anything submitted after Wednesday at 10pm MST will only be processed by AH the following week. 

As long as bills are submitted by Wednesday at 10 pm, payments will be received the next Friday. So for example, bill submissions made on Wednesday the 1st will have their payment received on Friday the 10th.

If bills are submitted after Wednesday at 10 pm MST, payments will be received the second next Friday. In the same example from above, bill submissions made Thursday the 2nd will have their payment received on Friday the 17th

For the best billing and payment timelines, Ava recommends clinics submit their bills weekly before Wednesday at 10pm MST.

If weekly submissions do not fit your clinic’s schedule, we then suggest an 80 day cutoff for billing as per a bulletin from AH.

The bulletin implies that while there are 90 days to submit bills, AH is sometimes unable to process them all in a timely fashion the week before the cutoff.

This means that even with the daily submissions that Ava provides, AH may not be able to process your bills on time.

View the bulletin for more details.

Get more help with billing by contacting AH with the claim numbers of your bills.

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