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How To / Building Reports from Patient Lists
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Building Reports from Patient Lists

Ava EMR users can build reports from patient lists in the EMR. This can be useful for developing mailing lists or finding out the demographics of patients that match a certain criteria.

1. Navigate to Panel -> Patient Lists

2. If your patient list is already created, select the one with the patients you’d like to report on (click the black arrow icon to the right of the list)


2. Create a new patient list

To go over the basics of rules in automated patient lists, refer to Using Automation Filters on Patient Lists.

The article above is about creating an automated list. Depending on the number of patients and the criteria, you could also create a manual list and add the patients to it.

Once you have created the list with the relevant patients, you will have to wait a few minutes for the list to be created.

This may take around 20 minutes depending on the number of patients included.

Once it is finished you can view the list by clicking the black arrow icon to the right of the patient list.

3. Select Reports from the list of options on the left

4. Click the Create New Report button.

5. Select all the patient information you’d like included (e.g. phone number) and click Run Report when you are done.

This may also take a few minutes while the EMR builds the report.

When it is done there will be a small page icon with an x on it which says Download CSV when you hover over it. You can click this and then print the resulting file (CSV files can be opened with programs like Excel).

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