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Workflow Optimizations / Cardiovascular Risk Scoring
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Cardiovascular Risk Scoring

Cardiovascular (CV) risk scoring, also known as the Framingham risk score, can be calculated within the Ava EMR.

This allows physicians to easily check their patient’s risk, without needing to leave their workflow.

There are two ways to access the CV calculator in Ava, from the patient chart and from the Tasks section. This tutorial will walk you through both.

Under Calculated Results


  • The patient who you would like to calculate a result for either has labs which contain their cholesterol and blood pressure information or you have this information available from somewhere else.

1. To create a new calculation, click the plus icon on the Calculated Results section

The Calculated Results section can be found in the bottom right corner of a patient chart.

Ava dashboard with 'Calculated Results' button highlighted.

2. Select “Framingham Risk Score” and then click New

A popup will appear

Framingham Risk Score workspace, filled out with heart risk factors

The information in the popup is pre-populated from the patient chart, but can be easily adjusted.

3. Select the Family History check box if either of the following criteria apply:

The father of the patient had a heart attack at an age of less than 55 years and/or the mother of the patient had a heart attack at an age of less than 65 years.

4. Check off the other boxes if appropriate

You can hover over the list icon to see the patients current medications

Framingham Risk Score workspace with 'Current Meds' button highlighted in red

5. A calculated value will appear in the box at the bottom of the popup

10 Year Calculated Risk field, filled in with the value 5.6

6. Click Save to save the calculation to the patients chart

To reference and edit previous calculations, click the expand icon on the Calculated Results section.
Up-close view of the Calculated Results button and its expand icon

Under the Task Section


  • You have an incoming lab in your tasks section containing information about the patients cholesterol and blood pressure.

1. Claim + Sort an incoming lab

For more information about handling incoming documents click here.

2. Select the calculator icon above the lab task

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator icon highlighted in a workspace

3. This will toggle the CV risk calculator pop up

This pop up works exactly the same way as the one in the patient chart.

4. When done, click Save and find the CV risk results in the patient chart under Calculated Results

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