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Charting / Chart Authorization
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Chart Authorization

In this article, you will learn how to authorize an existing patient chart on Ava EMR.

To authorize the chart for your clinic you can use the following steps:

1. Enter the patients PHN into the search bar at the top right of the navigation bar.

This will help determine if the patient has been seen in an Ava clinic before, and whether they already have an existing chart.

Calendar workspace with a red arrow pointing to a field labeled 'Patient Charts'

2. If the patient already has a chart in our system, but is not part of your clinic, you will see the following notification. Click on this message to show the existing chart.

Text reading 'We found 1 additional patient that is either deceased or not a patient at any of your clinics. Click here to display these patients as well.'

3. Click any of the lock icons on the chart to bring up the clinic authorization modal for the chart.

Chart authorization workspace displaying a patient who is either deceased or not a patient at one of your clinics.

4. Enter your clinic’s name and the reason for authorizing this patient’s chart in the fields shown below, then click on Create Authorized Clinic to gain access to the patient’s chart.

You can now access the patient chart and it can now be found using the search bars.

Workspace labeled 'Create Authorization for Charlie Test' with red arrows pointing at form fields and a button labeled 'Create Authorized Clinic'

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