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Panelling / Confirming Panelled Patients
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Confirming Panelled Patients

Panel confirmation (sometimes referred to as validation) is an important ongoing part of panel maintenance. Confirmation involves revisiting the patient attachment (and demographics including address and phone number) to ensure that the attachment and contact information is still valid. When a patient is confirmed and reconfirmed Ava will automatically add a date stamp so the healthcare team knows when the panel was last reviewed.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to manage panel confirmation from multiple screens in Ava. In most cases panels can be confirmed with a single click!

In this tutorial we’ve assumed the patient was already added to a panel. You can read more about panelling patients in our How to Panel Patients tutorial.

Tutorial: Confirming a Panelled Patient

1. Open the Patient Chart/Sidebar

Patient information sheet with address, doctor, DOB, age, and health care number.

You’ve probably noticed there’s a demographics panel in Ava that you can see from multiple parts of the EMR. If you’re in the scheduler you can click on the appointment to load the patient sidebar. If you’re in a patient chart, the demographics panel will be present in the top left side.

2. Hover Over the Clock Icons + Click

Patient info panel with red and green boxes around two clock icons.

There’s two clock icons (we’ve put boxes around them in the screenshot to make it easier to see). The clock icon beside the patients date of birth (red box) shows when the demographics/contact information was last reviewed. The clock icon beside the panel information (green box) shows when the panel attachment was last confirmed.

If you need to update the demographics click on the pencil icon. If you need to change or update the panel click on the panel data (in this case Dr. F Gascoigne) to open the panel manager.

If you hover over either clock it will show the last date the data was confirmed.

That’s it! In most cases you can update the validated date in a single click (from the screen you were using anyways)!


Ava makes it easy to manage panels and case-loads through the panel manager. Best practices suggest that it should be a routine to validate panel attachment and contact information at each visit in order to ensure data is as accurate as possible.

Now that we’ve Panelled a Patient and updated the “last confirmed” date we can take a peek at reviewing all the patients on our panel by building a Panel Profile (CPAR Lists).

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