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Panelling / CPAR Alberta - Ava Guidebook
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CPAR Alberta - Ava Guidebook

** CPAR is currently undergoing final review with Alberta Health, the AMA and Alberta Health Services – this article is being published to facilitate a documentation review process with Alberta Health **

CPAR (Central Patient Attachment Registry) is an Alberta initiative that identifies attachment between patients and healthcare providers. To be able to participate in CPAR it is important to understand a bit about panels and case-loads.

A panel defines which patients are attached to which healthcare providers for ongoing longitudinal care. A case-load is defined as a group of patients that see a healthcare provider for a limited scope of practice. In some cases, a healthcare provider may have both a panel and a case-load if they have primary care patients but also accept referrals for other concerns (such as a maternity clinic or sports medicine clinic).

Confirmation/validation is a process in which the patient attachment is reviewed and confirmed with the patient. AVA keeps track of the date the patient attachment was last confirmed (it can be updated with a single click!). This allows the healthcare team to know how recently the attachment was reviewed and is a required step for CPAR submissions.

For some clinics it will be very helpful to identify both panels and case-loads, however, from a CPAR perspective submissions are done for panels and not case-loads.

ACTT Resources

ACTT (Accelerating Change Transformation Team) Alberta has several tools and resources available to help PCNs, clinics and the healthcare team start the panelling process.

Alberta Health Resources

Getting Started With CPAR in AVA (Manual Submissions)

Being CPAR ready is a multi-step process and we’re here to help! We’ve organized the knowledge base articles that are relevant to CPAR below.

Before submitting to CPAR you’ll need to submit paperwork and update your PIA. Your PCN will be able to guide you through the sign up process. While the paperwork is being reviewed it’s still possible to start panelling and confirming patients inside AVA.

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