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Workflow Optimizations / Creating a Consult Request from an Imported File
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Creating a Consult Request from an Imported File

Occasionally you might find you want to create an outgoing consult request from an imported file.

This imported file will usually be one you have manually imported under the Tasks section by selecting Import File.

Follow the steps below to turn that file into an outgoing consult request.

1. Claim and sort the file under Consults

You can also sort the file under Consult Request and mark it as an Outgoing Request.

Whichever way you chose to sort the file, the following steps apply.

2. A list of consults associated with the patient will appear, select one to attach the file to.

If no consults currently exist select New Consult.

To create a new consult when you have a list of pre-existing consults, scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the New Consult button.

3. Assign the file as a request using the drop down

4. Save the task to complete it later or click Mark Complete to instantly complete it.

If you save the task, you can reassign it to the person who should review it, typically the primary GP.

When saved, the task can be found under the Consults section of the Tasks view.

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