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How To / Creating An Account for a New Employee / Ava User
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Creating An Account for a New Employee / Ava User

Whether it is a new physician, MOA or locum, there may come a time when a new employee needs to be added to the clinic. This article will cover how to create an Ava EMR account for them so that they can log in and get set up.

Please ensure the following is true before proceding.

  • The user has never used Ava EMR before and does not have an Ava EMR account yet. If the user has an Ava EMR account at another clinic, please see Adding an Ava EMR User to your Clinic to invite them to your clinic.
  • You have moderator privileges at your clinic

Creating an Account

1. Hover over My Account in the upper right corner of the page.

2. Click Clinic Management.

3. Select New Users from the list of options on the left side of the page.

4. Click the Add New User button.

Screenshot of new user signup in Ava EMR
You can only add a certain number of new users per week. Please reach out to us to add more.

5. Enter the new user’s email address and their cell phone number. A message with a temporary password will be sent to this number. 

Please double check the address for typos.

The email entered will be the new users username and they will receive a welcome email from us.

If no email is received by the address that was entered, please check the spam or junk folder.

The welcome email does not contain the temporary password, so the user will still be able to log into the EMR even if they cannot find our email.

6. Set permissions for the new user using the drop down menus. 

7. Enter your current password to confirm the creation of the new user’s account.

Entering your password here provides an additional measure of security.

8. The new user can now log into their account using the email address that was entered in step 5 and the temporary password they should have received over text.

A screenshot of a generic user receiving a temporary password through text.
If the new user does not receive the text message, refer to Resending a Temporary Password to send them a new temporary password.

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