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Workflow Optimizations / Creating Custom Note Templates
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Creating Custom Note Templates

What are Note Templates?

Ava EMR allows you to create and access different templates for different patient needs or engagements.

This feature allows you to streamline the preparation of certain documents (for evaluation, consultation, etc.) so that you may focus on patient care.

You are also able to access templates created by different professionals using Ava EMR if they have made their own templates publicly accessible.

Creating Custom Note Templates

1. From the initial Ava dashboard, navigate to the My Account drop-down menu located on the top right corner of the screen.

You will see multiple options. From here, select Note Templates.

2. On the Note Templates screen, you will see your own templates by default. The left side of the screen will have prompts under Add to Collection. From there, select Build New Template.

You will enter a new screen titled New Note Template.

3. You can input a name for this template using the text box titled Template Name. This will identify the template for later use.

If you would like to make your template available to the public, check off the Public Template prompt underneath the Template Title.

4. Select New Field to begin adding components to the template.

You can title these components using the Field Name textbox.

  • There are five field types you can select from for each component:
    • These are: Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, Section Header, and Vitals
    • You can edit the size of Text Field components by selecting and holding the bottom right corner of the component (marked by two lines) and dragging it to the appropriate size.

You can rearrange components on the template by selecting the direction icon on the top left corner of each component.

You can delete components by selecting the trashcan icon on the top-right corner of each field.

Note: We recommend not using more than 5 text fields in a row.

5. Each subsequent use of the New Field tool will create a new layer on the note template.

Components can be arranged in any order within each layer using the steps outlined underneath section 4.

6. When you have completed the template, select Save to finalize the template.

7. New templates will appear in the My Templates Collection menu and can be edited using the pencil icon on the right-hand side of each template.

Using Custom Note Templates

Note templates can be used on your patients charts.

1. While on a patient chart, navigate to the Clinical Notes section and select the plus icon on the top-right corner of the section.

You will open the Select Note/Flowsheet Template screen.

2. Once on the Select Note/Flowsheet Template screen, select the drop-down menu underneath Blank Note Template to select your desired template.

Underneath that menu will be a list of the most commonly used templates as well.

3. Confirm your template choice by using the Select Template prompt and your template will appear for use.

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