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How To / Customizing PDFs
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Customizing PDFs

This tutorial will help you save time by showing you how to preset fillable information on PDFs you frequently reuse.

This can be handy for example when you find yourself always ordering the same group of lab tests and want a CLS form that loads with all the right checkboxes pre-selected.

1. Hover over My Account and then click Forms

Find the desired form from either My PDF Collection or Browse Forms.

2. Download the form to your computer

Select the preview form icon to view the form and click the download button in the preview tab to save it to your computer.

Screenshot of PDF sorting workspace with a red box around a page icon.
You can also replace PDFs you have previously uploaded by selecting this “⇆” icon beside the garbage icon in the Browse Forms section.

3. Re-upload the form to Ava with a new custom name

Select Upload New Form from the left menu under Forms.

Selecting “Share with Ava” sends your PDF for review to be added into the Browse Forms section for all Ava users.

Entering a fax number when re-uploading your PDF will allow you to instantly fax the form to the specified number when using the form in your workflow.

4. Choose all the checkboxes and custom text you need

Write custom text in any text box and click on the checkboxes you want to be loaded as checked when you use the form.

You will also have to repopulate the label fields and the signature.

Right click fillable fields to select the information to pre-populate them with as shown above.

For more detailed help with editing PDFs check out our article on Uploading New PDFs.

5. Click Save Form Data at the top of the form editor

Your custom PDF is now ready to use! You can create as many custom forms as you need.

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