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Scheduling / Customizing Your Schedule
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Customizing Your Schedule

This tutorial walks you through the different options you can use for your schedule.

We’ve found this helpful for when physicians go on vacation or have a few random days in the month they want to work on.

To create breaks in your schedule jump to the Regular Breaks section.
To limit what patients can book online, jump to the Limit Appointment Types section.


  1. The browser you are using is Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Popups are allowed. Check this in your browser settings.
  3. You are under My Schedules. Find this under My Account then Account Management.
Make sure to always hit the big green save button on the Regular Hours Builder, Regular Breaks Builder, and Appointment Types calendar once done all edits!

Regular Hours

Creating New

1. Selecting New will bring you to the Regular Hours Builder.

Leaving the Schedule Ends On date blank will allow your schedule to continue indefinitely.

Easily toggle between a weekly and monthly view with the buttons in the top right corner of the Regular Hours Builder.

2. To select daily hours from the weekly view, simply click and drag or double click.

A popup will appear.

From here you can select which days of the week you would like the hours to repeat on by clicking on the tabs at the top (a darker colour means its selected).

3. Select how frequently you want your new schedule to repeat from the drop down Schedule Repeats choices and click save.

Editing Existing

1. Click on your existing schedule to be taken to the Regular Hours Builder.

2. Double click to edit the existing schedule and click save when done.

Regular Breaks

Easily add breaks to your day from both the new schedule and edit schedule views.

1. To block off time from appointments simply click and drag or double click (the same way we created a schedule).

2. Edit the information in the popup as desired and click save.

Don’t forget to always hit the big green save button on the Regular Hours Builder before exiting!

You can also add individual breaks to your schedule by double clicking on the Scheduler view and selecting [Add Break] in the upper left corner of the popup window!

Adjust the length of these break blocks in the Duration section of the book appointment popup.

Extra Days/Hours

1. Click New and enter the day you would like to schedule extra hours in for.

2. Click Save when done.


1. Click New and enter your vacation dates.

Ava will look for any conflicting appointments and allow you to create tasks to reschedule them or to change your vacation dates.

2. Click save when done.

Limit Appointment Types

Gain more control over online booking by limiting the type of appointment a patient can select.

1. Double click your schedule to toggle the popup.

2. Use the drop down to select the type of appointment patients can book between the Start Time and End Time below.

Selecting the Same Day Only? button allows patients to only book themselves into your schedule starting at 12 am of the day of.

Selecting a Background Color allows easy classification of your schedule based on appointment type.

Appointment types blocks patients from booking just any kind of appointment in the selected time frame, but it is only a suggestion to staff.

When done click save in the popup window and save on the Appointment Types calendar.

Tips for Scheduling

  • Always make sure to click the big green save button after making any changes to your schedule!

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