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How To / Faxes Failed? Here's What To Do
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Faxes Failed? Here's What To Do

Occasionally faxes will fail to send/deliver or may be partial. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to figure out why this issue occurs.

Error Messages

Fax error messages will show up under Tasks->Outgoing Faxes.

Errors such as “Busy Line” are normal to see. If you run into them simply re-fax the document by clicking the fax icon as shown below.

Outgoing Faxes workspace with an arrow pointing at a fax button in the top right corner.
For more information on fax errors, please visit the SRFax website

Format of Recipient Number

Some fax numbers require a “1” digit before the rest of the number. If this is the case, you can go back to where you originally sent the fax out and edit the number to include the “1” at the beginning.

SRFax status

Ava uses a third party called SRFax for e-faxing. If faxes are continuously failing, coming in as partial faxes, or are not being received at all you can check the SRFax status online using the links below.

SRFax System Status

SRFax Twitter

If you log into your SRFax account to check your faxes in their portal, please be sure to leave the faxes unopened or mark them as “read” using the eyeball icon if you do open them. Doing so will allow the faxes to come into the EMR if they have not already.

For help with e-faxing plans and costs please contact SRFax directly.

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