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Getting Started / Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does AVA work with Windows and Mac?

Yes. AVA works with all operating systems and all versions of Mac, Windows, and Chromebook. Please note, NetCare does not support Chromebook.

2. Does AVA work with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge?

Yes. AVA works with most browsers, but we recommend using the newest version of Chrome or Firefox.

3. Why did my fax fail?

Faxes can fail for a variety of reasons. Check under Tasks -> Outgoing Faxes for any error messages. For further help, please reference Faxes Failed? Here's What to Do.

4. Why was my bill rejected? How do I edit and resubmit it?

The best resource for billing questions is Alberta Health. View their Fee Navigator, Billing Help, or Physician Billing Recommendations.

In AVA, users can easily edit their bills under Bills -> Clinic AH Bills and re-submit them by clicking the green Update button.

5. How do I add a photo to a patient’s chart?

To put a photo in a patient’s chart we recommend converting the image to a PDF and then uploading it into the EMR through the “Import PDF” button on the Tasks page. You can then Claim + Sort the document as normal. 

6. How do I check if patients received their email appointment reminders? Why don’t some go through?

To check the status of an email appointment reminder, you can hover over the arrow in the appointment notes to see if the email was sent successfully, delivered, or opened (as shown by the red arrow in the image below). Emails that are bounced will not be marked as delivered.

If reminders are going to the spam folder or if the email service is bouncing AVA emails, patients can add the Ava Reminder Email to their safe senders list.

Screenshot of workspace with a large red arrow pointing to the value of 'Email Reminder Sent'

7. What happens if I delete a bill?

If it is already paid, AVA will generate a reversal record and submit it to AH. We recommend waiting a week before submitting a new bill in its place. If the bill has not yet been submitted, it will simply be removed from your view and will not be submitted.

8. How do I customize my appointment reminder messages?

Information in both text/SMS and email reminders can be adjusted based on the appointment type. Under Clinic Management -> Appointment Types -> Pencil icon to edit -> Reminder Instructions you will see a box that allows you to enter a custom message.

Please note, that if other users have created appointment types under Account Management, these will not show up under Clinic Management and must be edited by the user who created them.

9. Why does the EMR say “Patient identifier already in use” when I am trying to create a new patient?

This means the patient’s chart already exists in AVA. To access the chart, search the patient’s healthcare number and select Non-clinic pts?.

Next, press the lock icon to go into their chart and add a reason for accessing it. Typically this reason will be something similar to “New clinic patient”.

Other than the demographics, no chart data will be shared between clinics.

10. Why does the EMR say “Email already in use” when I am trying to add a new user?

This means the user has an existing AVA account. You can still add the user to your clinic by navigating to Clinic Management -> Employees -> New Employee -> enter in their first and last names -> press Search -> then click the green plus icon beside their name.

11. Does AVA have an instant messaging system?

AVA does not currently have an instant messaging system. We recommend clinics use a third party program such as Slack to send instant messages.

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