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How To / Handling Imported Files
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Handling Imported Files

Imported files can be received from the eFax system or manually uploaded into Ava.

1. Click on Tasks at the top of the EMR

Automatically imported files from the eFax will appear here.

To add a new file manually, click Import File.

Task workspace for a patient, with the 'Import File' button highlighted in red.

2. Click on an imported file from the tasks list

3. Assign to a patient if none is chosen

4. Click Claim + Sort

To reduce your amount of clicks, search the patient’s PHN and press “enter” or “return” on your keyboard 3 times.

This will:
• search the PHN
• select the first patient who comes up (there will only be one result when searching with PHN)
• claim + sort the form

Designate the file into one of the four categories: Results, Consults, Consult Request, Other Document.

Follow the category specific instructions displayed on the EMR and click save. Or, as an alternative, apply a Task Macro to speed up this process. Learn how to set up Task Macros.

5. The file will now be found in the assigned task category.

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