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Workflow Optimizations / Improving Note-Taking with Stencils
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Improving Note-Taking with Stencils

Maximizing Workflow Efficiency

Using Note Templates alongside the Stencils feature on Ava EMR can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on data collection and recording.

Effective use of both features will allow the system to pre-populate notes with patient information that is specific to each respective engagement.

In turn, this allows physicians or clinic staff to focus on unique variables and measurements specific to each patient engagement and their clinic workflow.

The EMR will input patient information already recorded and available on the program.


In order to utilize this feature effectively, users should be familiar with creating custom note templates, setting up stencils, and how to use aliases.

Learn about custom note templates.

Learn about setting up stencils.

Learn about how to use aliases.

How To Use Note Templates in Stencils

1. From the initial Ava dashboard, navigate to the My Account dropdown menu located on the top right corner of the screen.

You will see multiple options. From here, select Stencils.

Calendar view with Stencils dropdown button highlighted in red

2. From the Stencils screen, select New Stencil.

Ava dashboard Stencils section, with the 'New Stencil' button highlighted in red

3. You will see two options – Note Stencil and Letter Stencil. Custom note templates can only be used within Note Stencils.

Ava dashboard with Note Stencil section highlighted in red.

To proceed, select New Note Stencil.

4. You will enter the Note Template Stencil screen.

You will be able to name each stencil using the textbox titled Stencil Name

You may share this new Note Stencil with your clinic by selecting them within the dropdown menu under Share With Clinic.

5. You can search and select one of your Note Templates to use with the stencil using the dropdown menu titled Note Template.

Note Template Stencil workspace with Note Template dropdown visible, displaying several selectable options.

6. You may input different aliases and accompanying text within each text field in the template.

Note Template Stencil workspace, with the Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan sections highlighted in red.

These aliases will allow for the EMR to automatically populate the template with the information that each alias represents.

7. Once you have completed creating your Note Stencil, select Save Stencil to prepare the stencil for use.

Using Note Stencils

Note Stencils can be used on any of your patients’ charts.

1. While on a patient chart, navigate to the Clinical Notes section and select the plus icon on the top-right corner of the section.

Ava dashboard with Clinical Notes plus icon highlighted in red.

You will open the Select Note/Flowsheet Template screen.

2. Once on the Select Note/Flowsheet Template screen, select the dropdown menu underneath Note Stencil to select your desired template.

Clinical Notes workspace with Note Stencil section selected in red.

Underneath that menu will be a list of the most commonly used stencils as well.

3. Confirm your stencil choice by using the Select Stencil prompt and your note stencil will appear for use.

4. If there are any additional dimensions you would like to add to your stencil , you are still able to edit any text field on the note stencil.

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