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Ava Connect Portal / Inviting Patients to Ava Connect
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Inviting Patients to Ava Connect

Ava Connect is a patient portal designed to give patients access to and control of their health information. With Ava Connect, patients are able to input their biometrics, view test results, message their physician, and schedule future appointments.

This guide outlines the process for clinics to invite patients to join Ava Connect.

Accessing Ava Connect

A patient is on Ava Connect when you see the green check mark icon. If the icon is still an exclamation mark, you will want to send the patient an invitation.

Inviting Patients to Ava Connect

1. You can send an invitation to your patients directly from the patient chart by accessing the Ava Connect App in 2 ways:

  • Click on the Ava Connect exclamation button in the left/middle area of the chart
  • Click on the smaller Ava Connect App button under the consults section of the patient chart.
Screenshot of AVA Connect social history screen

You can also access Ava Connect from the Patient Sidebar by clicking on the Ava Connect App icon just under notices.

Screenshot of link to AVA Connect App

2. From the Ava Connect Portal physician view, click “Send Invitation” which you will find at the top of the menu items on the left side of the screen.

Screenshot of AVA Connect invitation button

3. In the Ava Connect Invitations screen under Send a New Invitation, input the patient’s email address. Click “Send Invitation”.

Screenshot of AVA Connect invitations screen

Once you send the invitation, you will see the status of the email in the table on the Ava Connect Invitations screen. See the example below showing “E-Mail”, “Sent By”, “Clinic”, “Status”, “Date Sent”, “Expires At”.

If for any reason there are issues on the patients’ end with not receiving the email, or wanting to change the email address, the invitation can be deleted by clicking on the garbage can icon any time prior to the patient accepting the invitation.

A new invitation can then be sent out.

Screenshot of AVA Connect invitations screen

Now you are able to send the email invitation to all your patients, and get them started on Ava Connect!

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