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Charting / Managing Chart Access
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Managing Chart Access

To increase privacy, AVA offers a few ways to manage employees access to patient information.

Here we cover how to assign employees access to all patients information and how to limit who can access specific patients charts.

Privileges for All Charts

1) Hover over My Account and select Clinic Management

2) Under the Employees option on the left side, you’ll see an Edit button beside each person listed

Use this button to access the Patient Privileges settings and adjust accordingly by clicking Edit Settings.

AVA provides descriptions for each of the settings in the EMR.

Note: You’ll need moderator privilege to access these settings. Your clinic manager will typically have this.

Block Individual Employees From Specific Charts

This feature can be highly beneficial in certain scenarios. For example, with physicians in rural areas who are looking after their co-worker’s spouse.

However, generally we recommend clinics implement a comprehensive privacy policy over individual chart blocks and use education as a way of managing chart privacy.

Note: The employee who is blocked from seeing a chart must log out then log back in for the block to take effect.

1) On the patient’s chart, click Clinic Policies

You can also find Clinic Policies under the Scheduler view as shown below.

2) Click Security from the options on the left side of the popup window. Here you can select employees to block from the chart by clicking the plus icon

“Block and Allow Override” only allows the employee to open the chart if they enter a reason.

When a chart is opened with this setting, the clinic’s security officer will receive a task to notify them.

Note: You can view and edit who the security officer is from the Summary page of Clinic Management under My Account.

If you have been blocked from a chart you will not be able to access the Clinic Policies of that patient.

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