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Panelling / Manually Submit a Panel to CPAR
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Manually Submit a Panel to CPAR

After you’ve panelled your patients, created a process for confirming panel attachment and created a panel profile you’re ready to submit your panel to CPAR! This guide assumes you’ve already submitted the required paperwork to Alberta Health and updated your Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). Contact your PCN representative if you haven’t gone through this process.

In this tutorial we’re going to export Dr. Gascoigne’s panel as a CSV file. After it is downloaded we’ll upload it into the CPAR database through the CPAR portal.

The panel submission window is from the 1st to the 22nd of every month. Panels cannot be submitted between the 23rd and last day of the month.

If you have more questions about the CPAR side of submissions it would be worth looking at the CPAR Panel Administrator Guide from Alberta Health.

Tutorial: Manually Submitting a Panel to CPAR

1. Navigate to the Panel Profiles View

A dropdown menu with an item labeled 'Panel Profiles' highlighted in red.

2. Select the Correct Panel Profile

Panel profiles workspace with a list button highlighted in red.

Find the panel you’re looking for and click on the “List” icon (see the red box above). If you’d like to refresh the list click the “Refresh” icon to the right of the “List” icon.

3. Click on the CSV File Button

Screenshot of a family panel list, with an icon highlighted near the top left.

Click on the icon to download the CSV file to your computer. To protect your patients information do not open this CSV in online applications such as Google Sheets. Online spreadsheet viewers (such as Google Sheets) load data into servers that are not connected to AVA and could be anywhere in the world.

4. Save the File to Your Computer (Browser Dependent)

A windows popup prompt, asking if you'd like to open a CSV file.

Depending on your web browser (Firefox, Safari or Chrome) this step may be different. Some browsers will open a dialogue box similar to the one above while others will download the CSV file to your Downloads folder.

AVA sets the default name of the CSV file to the name of the panel profile. Our naming recommendation would be to set the panel name as the same name of the CPAR panel so it makes it easy to identify which file to upload.

5. Log Into the CPAR Online Portal and Click on Panel Uploads

Screenshot of the Alberta Government's central patient attachment registry page, with a button labeled 'Panel uploads' highlighted in the top right corner.

Navigate to the URL that CPAR provided on sign up. Click on “Panel Uploads” in the top right corner.

6. Click on “Uploads” in the Top Right Corner

Screenshot of the Alberta Government's central patient attachment registry, with a button labeled 'upload' highlighted in the top-right corner.

This view will show recently process files for this panel. In the top right corner click on “Upload” to load the page that allows you to upload a panel.

7. Upload the CSV File

Screenshot of the Alberta Government's central patient attachment registry, with a button labeled 'choose file' highlighted in red.

Click on the “Choose File” button to launch a dialogue box that allows you to select the correct CSV file. Please note that the dialogue box is web browser dependent so may look different depending on what operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux) or web browser you are using (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.).

8. Select the Correct File and Click Submit

Select the CSV file you downloaded previously. The location may vary depending on your operating system, browser and default download location are set to on your computer.

9. Review and Submit

Screenshot of the Alberta Government's central patient attachment registry, with a button labeled 'Proceed to upload portal' highlighted.

Review that the details all match. If the correct file is selected and the panel appears correct click “Proceed to upload panel.” If you need to change which file is getting uploaded click on “Cancel” and repeat step 8.

10. Review the Confirmed Submission

Screenshot of the Alberta Government's central patient attachment registry, with a highlighted button labeled 'view processing results'

After uploading the CSV file you will be redirected to this screen which summarizes the upload. Click on the “View processing results” button to return to the screen from step 6.

11. Clean Up

After you’ve finished uploading the CSV file be sure to delete it. Instructions differ depending on operating system but generally you’ll want to right click and select “Delete” or “Move to Trash.” After deleting the file be sure to empty your “Recycle Bin” or “Trash.”


In this tutorial we uploaded a manual submission to CPAR. There are three broad steps – the first is downloading the Panel CSV from AVA to your computer. The second is uploading the CSV file from your computer to CPAR. The third step is deleting the CSV file from your computer.

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