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Ava Connect Portal / Maximizing Ava Connect for Physicians
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Maximizing Ava Connect for Physicians

Ava Connect is a web portal that allows patients to use online booking, have access to their test & lab results, upload biometrics, and more. Our state-of-the-art electronic patient health record system allows practitioners to communicate effectively with their patients and to better maintain control of patients’ health information.

Inviting Patients to Ava Connect

At any time, practitioners are able to choose which patients are invited to access the patient portal. It is an easy process to get patient’s signed up to Connect and all that is required is an accurate patient email address.

Ava Connect accounts must have a unique email address, therefore, if family members share an email address but each want their own Ava Connect account they will require a second email address to allow both family members to sign up. Learn more about inviting patients to Connect.

Information Available to Patients

Patients have access to several key areas of their patient chart in Ava Connect including Medical History, Family History, Vaccines, Medications. Access to this information is integral in a patients’ health journey.

Clinical Notes and Consults are not viewable in Connect as well as documents and information marked as private in a patient’s chart, as these documents are not released to the portal.

When lab requisitions and test results are released to the portal by the physician, patients are able to download and print their records.

Online Booking

There are many advantages to online booking for a clinic: convenience, reduction in administrative tasks, as well as making it easier to manage staff resources.

For patients, they are able to book appointments days or weeks in advance depending on the availability of the physician and do not have to call into the clinic to book appointments.

Please note that online booking isn’t for every patient or for every clinic. Physicians are able to control or adjust online booking settings tailored to what suits their practice.

Secure Messaging to Patients

Sharing healthcare information and plans with patients is one of the ways physicians are able to effectively communicate and build trust in the physician-patient relationship. Messages are sent to patients in a manner that respects patient confidentiality and enhances patient-physician communication.

Physicians are able to send messages directly to patients through the Connect portal. With our Response Permissions, physicians can choose how often a patient may respond in a message chain. (None, One Response, Multiple Responses)

Releasing Test Results/Data to Connect

Physicians control what and when information or results are released to their patients through the portal.

The default setting in Ava for releasing results is “No Automated Release” to the Connect Portal. Clinics have the ability to change this setting in Clinic Management > Ava Connect Portal > Results to 14, 30 or 90 day automatic release to the portal.

Forms and Letters

Forms and Letters can be released to the portal for patients to fill and bring back to the office. We are developing a feature that will allow patients to upload and send forms to their physicians which will complete the information sharing cycle.

Green Icon – Released to portal

Red Icon – Not released to portal

Documents sent to patients in error can be easily recalled from the portal by clicking on the portal icon. 


Physicians are able to bill for sending messages through the connect portal.

We recommend following the AHS guidelines when submitting bills for communication through Ava Connect. Please refer to the Fee Navigator at AMA for further information regarding billing.

Video Calling

Video calling does not require the patient to have a Connect account.

How much does it cost to sign up to Connect?

Ava Connect is included in all physician licensing agreements.

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