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Panelling / Panel Profiles (CPAR Panel Lists)
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Panel Profiles (CPAR Panel Lists)

Panel Profile allows you to create a list of patients that have been assigned to a particular Panel (or Panels). We’re clinicians as well so we understand that Panels can come in several variations. Ava has the ability to create patient lists of combined panels (ie. Dr. Mergo and Dr. Gascoigne both share a patient panel), panels across clinics (ie. Dr. Laurence sees his panel at either Upper Yarnham Clinic or Central Yarnham Clinic).

In Alberta, this is also the section that you can use to generate and export CPAR (Central Patient Attachment Registry) lists as well.

Tutorial: Setting Up a Panel Profile

In this tutorial we’re going to create a Family Medicine Panel Profile for Dr. Gascoigne at the Central Yarnham Clinic.

1. Open the Panel Profiles Screen

A screenshot of a dropdown with an item labeled 'panel profiles' selected

From any screen in the EMR hover over the Panel section and click on Panel Profiles.

2. Click on the “+” Button to Create a New Panel Profile

A screenshot of a panel profiles name filter

3. Fill in the Form

A screenshot of a 'create panel profile' screen

Title: We recommend following a convention in your clinic to keep the profiles organized. For CPAR clinics we recommend naming the panel with the convention “Panel Number – Practitioner Name”. For example, for Dr. Gascoigne’s CPAR panel ID is 54354.

Specialty: This filters the list to only include patients that are panelled with this specialty. In this case, if Dr. Gascoigne has some patients panelled under “Family Medicine” and some patients panelled under “Sports Medicine” this list will only include the Family Medicine patients.

Clinic: You can select a single or multiple clinics. To select multiple clinics, hold the Control button and click on the clinics you would like to include.

Employee: You can select a single or multiple employees. To select multiple employees, hold the Control button and click on the employees you would like to include.

Why “Panel Profiles?” Adding this layer provides more flexibility (for example, allowing a clinic to panel the same patient as a “Family Medicine” patient with one practitioner as well as “Sports Medicine” with another practitioner). This allows clinics to much more easily keep track of which patients belong to which practitioners (and allows patients to have multiple roles between the healthcare team).

4. Open the Panel List

A screenshot of a panel list with a selectable panel

Once the list has completed building you can click on the panel button to open the list.

5. Review Your Panel!

A screenshot of a panel list with multiple patients

We’ve worked with Alberta Primary Care Networks to ensure that you can perform most of the common panel management tasks within this one screen. We’ve highlighted the different things you can do with your panel in the sceen shot above.

Panel Last Verified (Middle Green Box): Clicking the check mark beside the last verified date will update it to today.
Go to Patient Chart (Red Box): Clicking the round user circle will take you to the chart.
Edit Demographics (Blue Box): Clicking the pencil will open the demographics editor.
Ava Connect Messaging (Orange Box): Clicking the messaging icon will open the Ava Connect view to allow messaging (if your clinic and then patient have signed up for Ava Connect).
Sticky Note (Purple Box): Clicking the sticky note icon will open up notes. Similar to tasks you can append notes to help keep track of things. For example, if you call the patient and leave a message you can document it here.
Export CSV (Left Red Box): The CSV file icon will export a list of patients in CSV format. Currently the CSV is formatted to conform to Alberta CPAR standards.
Import Report (Left Green Box): The import files button allows you to import CSV files (such as CPAR demographics mismatch reports).

Next Steps

In this tutorial we’ve set up a Panel Profile and looked at ways it can be utilized. If you’re in Alberta and part of CPAR take a look at our CPAR Submission Tutorial to find out how to upload your panel to CPAR.

Panels are the foundation of using the Ava Automator as well. In our next suggested tutorial, “Using Ava Automator” we’ll look at ways you can leverage your panel to reduce your administrative workload.

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