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Workflow Optimizations / Prescription Refills from Incoming Documents
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Prescription Refills from Incoming Documents

As EMR users ourselves, we know the value in getting more work done from fewer clicks and less screens.

That’s why we created a workflow which allows you to send off a prescription refill directly from the refill request itself.

This tutorial guides you through the process.

1. Claim + Sort an incoming refill request to the appropriate patient

2. Classify the refill request as an Other Document

Assign Document to Patient File workspace with 'Other Document' button highlighted in red.

3. Select Pharmacy from the category drop down and give the document a name

Select Save Other Document when done.

4. On the task which pops up, Select Save

Before saving, you can edit the task as you normally would i.e adding new notes.

Assign Other Document Task workspace with the Save button highlighted in red.

If you complete the task at this step, you can still follow the rest of the steps, but you will need to navigate to the patient chart and open up the document there.

5. Open up the task again and select the medical bag icon

You might need to refresh your screen after saving the task

6. The patient’s medications will open up

From here you can easily refill the patient’s prescription by selecting the refill icon beside the correct medication.

Or by selecting the medications to refill and pressing Refill Selected

7. Fax the refilled prescriptions back to the pharmacy by selecting Fax All

Medications workspace with green 'Fax All' button highlighted in red.

You can also select certain refilled prescriptions and click Fax Selected to only fax them.

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