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Charting / Printing a Patient Chart
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Printing a Patient Chart

This article will cover how to print and fax a PDF document of a patient’s chart.

This document can be useful for sending to insurance companies or for transferring patient data to another clinic.

1. Open up the patient’s chart

2. Click the printer icon on the patient’s label

Patient information with a print button highlighted in red.

3. Click New

Print/Fax Chart with a large red arrow pointing at a button labeled 'New'

4. Give the document a unique description

Most clinics enter in the reason why they are sending the chart out. For example, “Insurance Request” or “Chart Transfer to Another Clinic”

5. Select the Outgoing Clinic

This will be the clinic that will be marked as the sender if you decide to fax the chart document. The document will also be saved to the selected clinic’s version of the chart.

6. Select the checkbox beside all the items to include on the chart document

When adding invoices:

Use the Select Between Dates dropdown to filter through invoices based on a time range.

Toggle labeled 'Select Between Dates', above a list of invoices

Click the Select button to select all the invoices that fall into the time range

Form with fields labeled 'From Date', 'To Date', and 'Invoices'

When adding chart items:

Click the box beside the chart item type (shown in image 1) to select all the items of that type (shown in image 2)

Form with toggle labeled 'Clinical Notes'
Checklist labeled 'Clinical Notes'

7. If faxing the document, enter the recipients name and number

Alternatively, use the consultants search button to find the intended recipient

A button labeled 'Consultants' with a large red arrow pointing at it.

8. Click Build PDF to create the document OR click Save+Fax to build the PDF and fax it to the recipient in one step

Building a PDF may take a few minutes depending on the size of the document.

Print/Fax Chart workspace with a red arrow pointing at a field, with the text 'A yellow icon indicates the PDF is still building'

Refresh the page after a few minutes and click on the printer icon on the patient’s label to check if the document is done building.

If you have faxed the document, Ava will send you a notification if the fax fails.

You can also place your cursor over the up arrow icon to see the status of the faxed document.

Upwards pointing arrow button with text reading 'Outgoing Faxes' and an insurance phone line

9. To change the document or to re-fax it, click the pencil icon

Print/Fax Chart workspace with an arrow pointing at a pencil button

10. Adjust the data as needed and either select Build PDF or Save+Fax again

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