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Getting Started / Quick Start
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Quick Start

Welcome to Ava EMR! Let’s get you started.

After completing this tutorial, you will be familiar with the basics of the EMR. Find links throughout the article to further optimize your workflow and learn more.


Before starting make sure:

  • The browser you are using is Chrome or Firefox. The following hyper-links will take you to the official sites where you can download the browsers for free: Chrome & Firefox .
  • The Ava URL is typed into the URL bar at the top of the screen, not in the Google search bar. Preventing access to the EMR from search engines adds a layer of security to Ava.
Browser search bar with '' typed in.
A large red 'X' going through a google search bar.
  • Popups are allowed. This Chrome tutorial and this Firefox website show you how to turn them on and enable them for individual sites.
  • The internet connection is stable. You can easily perform an internet speed test using, a website run by Netflix.


1. Your username is the email address you gave us. If you are unsure please contact your clinic manager.

2. Your password is the temporary one you should have received directly from Ava EMR.

The first time you login, Ava will guide you through a registration process. After you complete the initial registration, you should see a screen similar to the one shown below:

Ava dashboard opened to a calendar view.

You can navigate through Ava using the menu at the top left of the screen (Dashboard, Scheduler…). You can access all your settings at the top right of the screen (My Account).

Now thats out of the way, let’s get into the setup!

Clinic Setup

1. Hover over My Account in the top right corner of the EMR. Then click Clinic Management

You’ll land on the Summary page with a table of contents on the left hand side.

Things to check:

  • Clinic address (under Address)
  • Contact information (under Contact)
  • Facility ID, location code, functional centre (under Facility Options)
  • Timezone and Online Booking settings (under Booking Options)

They can all be changed by clicking Edit beside their respective sections.

We recommend keeping online booking off until you are more familiar with the EMR. Learn how to customize Clinic-Wide Online Booking and Physician-Specific Online Booking.

You can setup eFax from this page under eFax Options. For more information, read Setting Up SRFax / eFax.

If you have multiple clinics that use Ava, use the dropdown in the top left corner to switch between them to see their individual clinic settings.

2. Click on Task Groups

Task Groups are usually groups of employees such as MOAs and front desk staff.

You can assign tasks, such as incoming faxes, to this group. Each user can then see and interact with that task, and complete it on behalf of the group.

In this example of task management, a lab result with abnormally low platelets is assigned to the task group “Front Office Staff” with an accompanying message or instruction.

To create a task group, click New Task Group, give it a name, and save it. Then click Add Employees.

Task Groups workspace with 'New Task Group' and 'Add Employees' buttons highlighted in red

A popup window should appear. Click Add Employee and use the dropdown to choose staff to add.

Front Office Staff's Employees workspace with 'Add Employee' button highlighted

To add more employees to an existing Task Group, click the names of current employees in the group.

When done adding employees, click away from the popup window to close it and refresh the page to see the new employee(s) added to the Task Group.

3. Click on Business Hours + Holidays

Here you can adjust your clinic’s working hours. Click on the days of the week to adjust your clinics hours.

Click the save button to keep your changes.

Learn more about clinic-wide scheduling.

4. Click on Employees

Here you will see all the current employees of your clinic.

Selecting Edit beside the employees category will allow you to adjust that employee’s:

  • online booking (under Appointment Settings)
We recommend setting a standard appointment time for your entire clinic so all schedules align.
  • billing information (under Billing Settings)
When entering BA numbers leave out the hyphen.
  • ability to edit and create private invoices (under Invoicing Privileges)
  • ability to access bills (under Billing Privileges)
  • access to patient charts (under Patient Privileges)
Learn how to block specific users from individual charts.
  • access to clinic settings (under Clinic Privileges)
  • WCB information (under WCB Credentials)
  • connections with external services (under External Service IDs)

To add a new staff member who already has an Ava account click the New Employee button in the top right side of the Employees page (where all your current employees are displayed).

If the employee does not already have an Ava account add them from New Users in step 6 of the tutorial.

Search employees that have Ava accounts and easily add them to your clinic by clicking the green “+” icon beside their name.

Your past employees will also show up here and you can easily re-add them to your clinic by clicking the “+” icon beside their name.

A thumbs up icon means they have already been added.

5. Click on Rooms

Click Add Room in the top right corner to easily add rooms to your clinic.

When staff assign appointments to these rooms, they will appear on the appointments details.

This can be seen by simply double clicking the appointment on the Scheduler page.

6. Click on New Users

This section is for adding employees who have never been added to the Ava system at any clinic.

To add a new user you’ll need:

  • their email
  • their phone number
  • YOUR Ava password – this is to ensure security

For more information on adding new users, read here.

Ava controls how many users can be added. If you have reached the limit, email us for support.

7. Click on Appointment Types

Here you can setup appointment types that can be used by all healthcare providers in the clinic. You can also change online booking settings from here.

Learn how to set up physician-specific appointment types.

Click the “+” icon in the top right corner to add a new appointment type. The text on the popup window will explain each section you can fill out.

Click Save Appointment Type at the bottom of the popup when done.

You can easily edit existing appointment types with the pencil icon.

8. Click on Billing

Inventory + Services

Click [new] at the top beside the Inventory + Services title to enter items and services your clinic provides.

Invoice Rolodex

Click [new] at the top beside the Invoice Rolodex title to enter invoice contacts such as insurers and law firms.

These are then available when you are generating invoices for third parties.

9. Click on Task Macros

These help you simplify your workflow and save time by reducing the number of clicks to get a job done.

Learn more about setting up Task Macros.

Physician & Provider Setup

Here is a look into the basic features of the Ava EMR to get you started.

1. Hover over My Account in the top right corner of the EMR. Then click Account Management.

On the left are all the different settings for your account. Let’s take a look at a few.

Physician Information

Check your billing number and skill code here. Edit if needed.

My Schedules

Here you’ll find your personal schedule. For each clinic you work at, a clinic manager can also edit this schedule from Clinic ManagementSchedules.

Use the drop down in the top right to see your schedule at your other clinics using Ava.

Learn how to customize your schedule.

Jump to step 4 to learn one way to book an appointment in your schedule.


These save you time by making note and consult writing more efficient!

Create macros by clicking on the “+” icon in the top right corner of this section.

Alternatively, save them as you write them in a clinical note by selecting the text, right clicking, and clicking Save Selected as Macro.

Learn more about setting up and using Macros.

2. Now go back to My Account, then Forms

My PDF Collection is where all your forms will live. These forms can then be opened from within each patient’s file and can populate with demographics, physician details, and signatures.

To add forms to your collection, click Browse Forms and select the “+” icon beside any forms you like.

Learn how to add your own PDF and edit the fields so they will auto-populate.

If you cannot see the “+” icon beside the forms, try zooming out on your screen.

3. Again go to My Account, and then Note Templates

This section is similar to Forms.

There will be some templates pre-loaded into My Templates Collection. Add more from Browse Templates and clicking the “+” icon.

We recommend searching “soap” and adding the SOAP Note created by Ava EMR.

Learn how to use the Build New Template option.

4. To book an appointment click on the Scheduler tab at the top left of the EMR.

You can double click anywhere on your schedule to add an appointment.

Learn about more ways to book appointments.

Tips for Setup

  • Explore the settings of the EMR.
  • Click around as you use AVA, you might find a handy feature!
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