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Scheduling / Scheduling Appointments
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Scheduling Appointments

This article will cover how to create and edit appointments.

1. Start on the patient dashboard.

2. Click on Scheduler on the top left of the screen.

You can choose day/week but for this tutorial we will choose week.

Workspace with a 'Scheduler' button labeled with an arrow
Practitioner spreadsheet with available timeslots marked in various colors.
You can see the name of the practitioner you’re wanting to book with at the top of the column, as well as time increments at the left of that column.

Booking an Appointment

1. Double click on the empty space to the right of the desired time to bring up the appointment booking pop-up window.

Appointment scheduling window, displaying how to search for a patient.

2. Enter in the patient’s name into the Patient field, click the search button.

3. Choose patient from the list of patients that comes up.

Appointment scheduling window, detailing patients who may or may not be deceased.

Entering Appointment Specifics

1. Fill out the relevant fields on the appointment booking window.

You can set the appointment type, duration, as well as add in a note. When you are done, click the green save button.

Appointment scheduling window with dropdowns labeled 'Type, Duration, and Appointment Notes/Chief Complaint' marked with arrows, and a Save button circled in red.

2. The booked appointment will appear on the scheduler.

Appointment details can be viewed by hovering over the appointment.

Practitioner spreadsheet with a patient's details expanded.

Editing Appointments

1. From the Schedule, double click on an appointment to edit it.

You can change the status by clicking and choosing from the drop-down menu.

Appointment scheduling window, with a dropdown labeled 'Status: Booked' highlighted in red.

You can also edit the appointment for privacy, as well as check off the Patient Confirmed Appointment? box when a patient calls to confirm.

Appointment scheduling window with toggles labeled 'Mark as private' and 'Patient Confirmed Appointment' labeled with red arrows.

Don’t forget to click the green Save button when you make changes to an appointment.

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