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Integrations / Setting Up SRFax / eFax
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Setting Up SRFax / eFax

AVA offers an integration with SRFax to provide an eFax solution.

Any clinic can create an SRFax account and easily link their account to AVA EMR.

This connection auto-updates every 5 mins to check for new incoming faxes.


For the smoothest setup, we recommend:

  • Creating a Task Group to assign incoming faxes to before setting up SRFax with AVA. Do this under My Account, then Clinic Management, then Task Groups. Visit Quick Start for more details.

For this tutorial, you’ll need your:

  • SRFax phone number
  • Email used to log into SRFax
  • SRFax account number
  • Password used to log into SRFax


1. Hover over My Account in the top right corner of the EMR. Then click Clinic Management

2. Click Edit eFax Options and enter your information. You can choose to assign all incoming faxes to your task group from these options using the drop down.

3. Click Save

4. Imported files will appear in the task list of the employee or group they are assigned to.

Each time you change the settings for SRFax, you will need to enter your SRFax password in this section.

Visit SRFax for more information and help with your SRFax account.

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