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Integrations / Setting Up the Alethea Link
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Setting Up the Alethea Link

We have partnered with Alethea, a digital diagnostics and e-consults platform, to offer easy access to Alethea e-consults in Ava EMR. To set up the Alethea link, please contact Alethea Support to activate the link and then the user can follow a few easy steps to get started.

Please contact Alethea support if you are interested in using their platform, and they will help you get started!


This tutorial assumes you:

  • Have an Ava account
  • Have an Alethea account
  • Have had the link activated by an Ava administrator

1. Click My Account on the navigation bar in the top right of the screen.

2. Select Account Management from the drop-down which appears.

3. Click on Ecosystem Services, found in the list of options on the left.

4. You will see one item listed, which says Alethea. Click on the black pencil icon.

Ava dashboard on 'Ecosystem Services' page, with a red arrow pointing at a pencil icon beneath 'Ava Account Linked'

5. Click the button that says CLICK HERE to link your Ava account to Alethea. This will take you to the Alethea login page.

Ecosystem Services workspace with arrow pointing to 'CLICK HERE to link your Ava account to Alethea'

6. Log in to Alethea.

For more information about Alethea visit their website.

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