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How To / Splitting PDFs
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Splitting PDFs

This tutorial shows you how to divide up an incoming document into separate PDFs.

This can come in handy when one document contains information about multiple patients or should be split into different categories.

1. Claim + Sort the incoming document

If dealing with a document that contains information about multiple patients, select any one of them for this step.

For more help with this step, please click here for a quick tutorial.

2. Select the Split Pages button

Assign Document to Patient File workspace, with the 'Split Pages' button highlighted in red.

3. Enter the page range to split the document

This range must be inclusive of all pages in the document

To delete unnecessary pages, select the trash can icon on them after the split.

You must include spaces after each comma for the page range to be valid.
Assign Document to Patient File workspace with the 'Split Pages' field filled out

4. Assign the results of the split

Assign Document to Patient File workspace with assignment dropdown highlighted in red.
  • All assigned to one patient will pre-sort the split documents to the selected patient.
  • First assigned to one patient will leave all the rest of the results of the split unassigned
  • Unassigned will ensure all results of the split are not associated with any patient.
You can also reassign documents to different patients after the split by selecting the button shown below.
Reassign Patient text highlighted at the top of a patient view.

5. Find the results of the split in your task bar

Tasks workspace with imported files highlighted at the bottom.

These will be assigned according to your selection in the previous step.

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