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Getting Started / Tutorial: Default Requisition Tracking
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Tutorial: Default Requisition Tracking

In our last requisition reconciliation (or requisition tracking) tutorial we learned how to set up basic requisition tracking on a one by one basis. As promised – we can simplify this even further (and reduce the number of needed clicks across a requisition lifecycle from 3 to 2!).

In this tutorial we’re going to turn on default requisition tracking for a specific requisition form for the entire clinic. We’ll then show how a single user in the clinic could change the default for themselves without changing it for the rest of the clinic.

Just as a quick FYI – only clinic managers can set up defaults in “Clinic Forms” but any user can set up their own personal defaults under “My Forms.”

1. Go to Clinic Management -> Clinic Forms

In the top right corner of Ava you can find the “Clinic Management” button in the drop down menu. Select this and then move to “Clinic Forms”

Screenshot of a workspace with buttons labeled 'Clinic Forms' and 'Clinic Management' highlighted.

2. Click on the Requisition Icon

Click on the requisition icon of an existing form to set up default tracking for this form.

A menu with the heading text 'Clinic Forms'

3. Choose Your Defaults

From here you can select the default due date and the default task inbox to send overdue requisitions to. For example, lets say in your region skin biopsies can take up a month to return from the lab and you like to have the Front Office Task Group track down biopsies that are overdue. Set the default due date to “30 days” and the “Assign To” field to “Front Office Task Group” and any future requisitions that are created will use this default.

Screenshot of popup text reading 'Requisition Tracking'

4. Individual Customization

If you want to create different defaults than your clinic (for example you may want the default due date to be longer as your patient population generally takes longer to get labs done) you can create individual default settings without affecting others at your clinic.

Navigate to “My Forms” in the top right menu – then complete steps 2 and 3 as listed above. Now you’ll have specific defaults for yourself while the rest of the clinic can have a clinic wide default.

A dropdown menu, with the term 'Forms' highlighted

5. Utilizing Defaults

This technically isn’t a “step” that has to be done – but lets test to see if our defaults are working. Navigate to a patient chart and create a new requisition. You should see that the “requisition tracking” is already active as soon as the form opens. If you want to skip tracking of this requisition just click the garbage can to turn off the defaults.

A banner ad for Calgary Lab Services, alongside the text Community General Requisition

6. Summary: Defaults Can Save Clicks

As a quick summary – setting up default requisition tracking allows you to set a clinic wide default which can be overridden with a individual default setting. This will ensure that every new requisition (of that type) has tracking turned on (and if tracking isn’t needed it’s just one click to turn it off).

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