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How To / Uploading New PDFs
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Uploading New PDFs

Ava allows easy uploading of PDFs to add to your form collection.

This tutorial shows you how to add your signature to a form and auto-populate fields.


  • The PDF is fillable. This is not necessary for all forms, but if you would like the form to auto-populate it is needed.
A great free online PDF editor is PDFescape – Free Online PDF Editor, PDF Form Filler & PDF Viewer.
  • You have a signature uploaded into Ava. You can also manually sign one in the EMR, but for a more professional signature we recommend uploading a PNG. Click here for more details.
  • You are under the Forms section, found by hovering over My Account.

Upload Form

1. Select Upload New Form from the left

2. Choose to share the form with all Ava users by selecting “Share With Ava?”

If approved by Ava EMR, these shared forms will appear under the Browse Forms section. Ava allows crowd sharing of beneficial forms to help clinics help each other and reduce workloads.

3. Enter a fax number to instantly send forms to the chosen recipient

Auto-populate Form Fields

1. Right click on any fillable field to select a value to auto-populate each time you use the form.

Make sure you scroll down in the PDF viewer to see all the options for Patient Data.

If nothing pops up when you right click, you can manually enter the value as described below:

  • See available values by right clicking in a box that does allow the menu to show and selecting the value you would like.
  • You can copy and paste this or manually type it into the correct box. Just make sure to delete the value from the first box!
If you do not see the “%” at the end of a value, your fillable field has a character limit that is too short.

To fix this you will need to increase or remove this limit in a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat. For more information visit .

You can also email us with your form

2. When done click Save Form Data at the top of the form editor.

Add a Signature

1. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the PDF editor. Then select the stamp icon.

2. Insert any PNG file into the PDF and edit the comment associated with the stamp to say “signature”.

If you have uploaded a signature into the EMR, Ava will replace the PNG with that signature when you use the form.

If you do not have a signature saved, then Ava will remove the PNG from the form and it will appear as if nothing was added into the PDF.

We recommend using the image below as the squares and circles will help you adjust the size of the signature appropriately.
A black and white logo labeled 'Provider Signature'

Right click the image above and select Save Image As… from the right click menu. In the pop-up that appears, make sure to save the file with a .png extension in the name of the file, such as "signature.png". You will also need to make sure that the Save as type field is set to either PNG or All Files. It may default to WebP Image, in which case you will need to change it. Once this is done, save it to an easy to find location such as your desktop.

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