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Workflow Optimizations / Using Aliases
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Using Aliases

Time is often in short supply in the fast paced environment of any healthcare clinic.

Automating certain repetitive or tedious tasks allows EMR users to focus their attention on the more critical aspects of their work.

Aliases serve this function in the Ava EMR by providing you with a quick and easy shortcut to manually filling out variable information on forms.

An alias consists of a string of text and characters which will automatically be replaced by the corresponding information.

An example of a commonly used alias would be


which would input the patients first name.

Aliases can be added to text fields on forms so that the form will pre-populate with certain information when used on a patient chart. They can also be used to add variable information to stencils.

Learn more about using stencils.

Using Aliases on Forms

1. Hover over My Account and click on Forms in the drop-down menu.

2. You can use aliases when uploading a new form or editing an existing one.

If you are editing a form, locate the form you would like to add aliases to and click on the icon shown in the screenshot below.

When you hover over the icon it should read Edit Form Defaults.

Ava dashboard with a red arrow pointing toward an icon near the right-hand side.
When you click on Forms you should be automatically directed to the My PDF Collection section of the page and a list of PDFs in your form collection should appear.

If this list is blank, you may need to add forms to your collection using the Browse Forms or Upload New Form buttons on the left hand side of the screen.

To learn more about uploading forms click here.

3. Right click on a text field on the form and a list of aliases will appear in the drop-down menu.

Patient Data dropdown open, displaying the options: Full Name, Last Name, First Name, Address, and City.

4. Once you have finished inputting your desired aliases, hit Save Form Data near the top of the page.

Using Aliases in Stencils

1. Hover over My Account and click on Stencils in the drop-down menu

2. Create a note or letter stencil

Learn more about how to create a note or letter stencil.

3. Copy + Paste the aliases you want to use from the list of aliases on the left-hand side of the page, or from the list of aliases at the end of this article.

When using aliases in stencils, you will have to copy + paste them as the right click alias drop-down will not work.

Ava Dashboard with Alias Cheatsheet open in the left sidebar

4. Once you have finished inputting your desired aliases, hit the green Save Stencil button.

5. Your aliases will now pre-populate your stencils with variable information when you use them to create a letter or clinical note from the patient chart.

Alias Conventions

There are a few rules aliases must follow in order to function. If your alias is not working, these conventions are good to double check:

  • No spaces
  • All lower case
  • Correct spelling
  • %^ at the start of the alias
  • ^% at the end of the alias

List of Aliases on Ava EMR

The note stencils can only use the aliases listed on the left-hand side of the Stencils page.

Patient Aliases

















Clinic Aliases








Provider Data









General Aliases


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