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How To / Using Appointment Reminders
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Using Appointment Reminders

It can be hard to keep up with the cyclonic pace of daily life in society- so it is not uncommon for important information to slip through the cracks. Sometimes, this information takes the form of a doctor’s appointment, as is the case for many patients.

For this reason, Ava EMR allows appointment reminders to be sent to patients. Using the EMR, you can send automated email or text reminders and customize the number of days before an appointment they will be sent out.

How to Set Up Reminders

1. Navigate to the patient’s chart by entering their name into the patient chart search bar in the navigation bar.

Click on the small black and white circular icon beside the patient’s name to view their chart.

2. Click the black pencil icon at the top of the patient label.

The patient label is located in the top left of the patient chart.

3. To send appointment reminders, check off the Appointment Reminders checkbox.

This will by default send email reminders.

4. To send text reminders, select SMS Appointment Reminders as well as the checkbox labelled Primary? above the New Phone button. You will also have to mark the number as a cell phone using the Category drop-down in the phone section.

Make sure the Appointment Reminders check box is still selected from step 3.

Ava dashboard displaying the 'Edit Patient' section with various red arrows pointing to important elements.

How to Set Reminder Frequency

1. Hover over My Account on the top navigation bar.

2. Select Clinic Management from the drop-down menu.

You will land on the Summary page.

3. Click Edit Booking Options, which can be found near the top-right corner of the page.

Several options should appear.

4. Enter the number of days before the appointment you’d like reminders to be sent in the Send Appointment Reminders x Days Before field.

Ava dashboard with red arrows pointing at the Summary, Edit Booking Options, and Send Appointment Reminders sections

How to Check the Status of Reminders

You can only check the status of email reminders.

1. Navigate to the scheduler by clicking Scheduler on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

2. Double click the relevant appointment.

3. Hover over the black arrow beside the Email Reminder Sent: text located at the bottom of the pop-up window that appears.

This will show the status of the email regarding whether it has been sent or delivered, or failed to do so.

Appointment scheduling workspace with red arrow pointing at Email Reminder Sent counter

Emails that are bounced will not be marked as delivered.

If reminders are going to the spam folder or if the email service is bouncing Ava emails, patients can add the Ava Reminder Email to their safe senders list.

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