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Scheduling / What Do the Colors On My Schedule Mean?
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What Do the Colors On My Schedule Mean?

Why are my appointments different colors?

When using the scheduler on AVA EMR, you will notice that certain appointments will appear in different colors on the day and week view.

Each color corresponds to the status attributed to that specific appointment.

The purpose of this feature is so that you may easily discern between your different appointment status via visual que.

Familiarity with this feature will allow for improved communication within the clinic.

How to access the Appointment Status

1. From the Ava EMR Dashboard, navigate to the Scheduler prompt on the navigation bar above.

You can access appointment status in both Day and Week view.

You can also access appointment status from the dashboard by interacting with the scheduler available on the dashboard by default.

2. When viewing the appointments available, double-click on the appointment you wish to adjust to viewing its details.

Here you will find the Status drop-down menu, which will default to the Booked option.

These different status options will correspond with different colors according to the following legend:

Color Legend

A Color Legend, ranging from dark blue to pink. Dark Blue = Booked, Red = Cancelled, Dark Red = Missed, Light Gree = Arrived, Yellow = Roomed, Olive Green = Left, Beige = Transcribed, Pink = Billed

Most appointment’s statuses must be changed manually. To ensure minimal confusion, we recommend adjusting the status of your appointments as soon as notification of changes occurs.

For Billed Appointments

This status will update and change the color automatically if a bill has been created for that patient and date. If this doesn’t happen, sometimes the appointment is not properly connected to the note or bill.

  • If the note was created the day after the appointment was completed, then the date on the actual note may be incorrect.
  • If appointments have been moved or deleted on their same day, the system finds two appointments and can only change one of them.
  • In the clinical note, there is a drop-down box that usually automatically matches the appointment time, but users can manually change these if needed.

You can also manually change the visit to Billed in the scheduler pop-up within the Appointment Status menu.

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