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Charting / Where To Find Growth Charts
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Where To Find Growth Charts

Growth charts are conveniently located in two spots on the Ava EMR. This article shows you both ways so you can easily record your patient’s information.


1. Navigate to the patient chart

2. Click the white Vitals button located under the Clinical Notes section

A button labeled 'Vitals'

This will open up a pop-up window with a drop-down in the top left from which you can select growth curves.

Rourke Note Templates

There are also growth charts available in the Rourke note templates.

1. Navigate to My Account -> Note Templates -> Browse Templates

2. Type “Rourke” into the search bar

3. Use the 'open' icon to preview the note template.

4. Add them to your collection by clicking the small black plus icon beside the template name.

5. You can then use the template by creating a new clinical note and selecting it from the Blank Note Template drop-down.

In the template there will be two buttons, Growth Curve – Length/Height and Growth Curve – HC/BMI.

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