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Ava creates better connections and results in better care.

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A dashboard view of a patient's personal forms
Two clicks 
to your task.A simple interface reduces screen time and clicks. Spend less time in the software and more time with your patients.
Turn your EMR into a communications tool.Ava is more than just inputs. Communicate with patients, book future appointments, and share information with other health professionals all from a single platform.
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Truly in the cloud
Open your web browser and go!
Old systems rely on virtual logins or out of date local installations. Join us and join the future.
Encrypted and Secure
Ditch the downtime
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Simple Data Migration
We’ll work hands-on with your team to ensure a quick and accurate movement of data from your old provider.
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Built by Doctors
Nobody understands how an EMR should be designed better than healthcare providers. We’ve applied years of learning and frustration, and act on feedback from our users.
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Hands-on Support and Resources
If you ever need support, you’ll have direct access to the people that built Ava, and an endless supply of resource materials to help you navigate the platform.
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    eLabsAccess eLabs alongside your clinical notes without jumping back and forth.
  • A purple icon of a pie chart on a transparent background
    ChartingNotes, histories, prescriptions and referrals all in a single screen.
  • A purple icon of a calendar on a transparent background
    SchedulingEasy drag and drop functionality, and print directly from the scheduler.
  • A purple icon of an information table on a transparent background
    Form ManagementUpload PDFs and attach eLabels in a couple of easy steps.
  • A purple icon of a presentation board on a transparent background
    Simple MetricsAt-a-glance views of your clinic’s efficiency, created quickly and easily.
  • A purple icon of a paper scroll on a transparent background
    Flexible ReportsLeverage data reports to find efficiencies and improve your practice.
  • A purple icon of a checkmark on a transparent background
    Task ManagementUpdate the chart, bill and reassign tasks in one window.
  • A purple icon of a clipboard on a transparent background
    Clinic ManagementPerform admin tasks and manage 
your clinic with every option on a 
single screen.
  • A purple icon of a torn receipt on a transparent background
    BillsBill through your provincial health system or privately via a single screen.
The right EMR is an essential part of your healthcare team.

Ava strives to improve every aspect of care you provide. We know, because it was built, tested and refined by healthcare providers in an active medical clinic. Let us show you what it can do.

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Dig deeper into everything Ava can do.


Use our knowledge base to learn more about our features, troubleshoot specific issues, or find out how Ava can make your practice even better.


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1 / 4
Ava is exactly what I had been looking for. Imagine an EMR designed for doctors by doctors who know what we do all day! The migration process was smooth and the ease with which all the doctors learnt how to use the system made switching easy.
Urfi SulaimanCare@Market Mall and Care@Sage Hill
Ava is an excellent platform to work on. as It’s straightforward, user friendly and easy to navigate. Both Mike and Matt have been so approachable and helped us learn and become comfortable with it right from day one!
Zeba HusainManager, Care Medical Clinics
“ (…) Throughout the migration/implementation their team was pleasant, knowledgeable and ready to help us at a moment's notice. (…) Ava is a must have, top tier EMR for any clinic looking to succeed within the future of medicine."
Eric BlumSleep and Wake
"One of my regrets is just not working with the Ava platform sooner in my career!"
Dr. Todd Leaman
Better connections. Better care. 
You deserve a better EMR.