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  • A dashboard view of a patient's personal forms
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Panel Profiles: Released "Panel Profiles" under the "Panel" menu! This feature is designed to replace the previous "My Panel" and "Clinic Panel" sections. You can create traditional lists of one physician at one clinic, however, it also supports multiple practitioner panels (ie. a shared panel between multiple practitioners) and multi-site panels (ie. a single practitioner across multiple clinic locations). This is also going to be the gateway for CPAR - currently the AMA is reviewing our user guides before greenlighting the final release of CPAR. In the meantime you can use the Panel Profile section to start cleaning up your clinic panels.
    Query Builder: Querying appointments will now exclude 'Canceled', 'Missed' or 'Deleted' appointment statuses.
    Appointments: Previously appointments on the scheduler would not show "notes" if a room was assigned to the appointment. Now "notes" will still show up in the appointment if there is room in the appointment display.
    Macros: Adds a date-stamp functionality (under the previous time stamp).
    Macros: Adds macro functionality to Ava Connect Messaging, Chief Complaint field, appointments, invoices (public notes and private notes), task view other documents, patient sidebar reminders and consult tasks.
    Appointments: Previously when the EMR sent out appointment reminders the "updated at" timestamp was updated which caused the "last updated by x employee at y time" field to have the wrong time. Now the appointment reminders will not update the timestamp so this label will be more accurate.
    VideoLink: Adds auto-population of phone numbers and emails in VideoLink.
    PDF Forms: Updates the PDF Form plugin to use a newer version. Previously hard to identify bugs (ie. occasional saving of the form with blank data before it loaded pre-existing data) should be resolved with the new version.
    CPSA/College Numbers: Previously consults, prescriptions and letters all included CPSA/college numbers. Now only prescriptions will include CPSA numbers by default. Users can prevent the CPSA number from showing up on prescriptions by changing this setting under My Account > Account Management >Ava Customizations.
    SRFax: Adds a check to prevent a user from accidentally putting in the wrong SRFax password when updating SRFax settings under clinic management.
    Date Fields: Some date fields that defaulted to "today's date" would use the server time zone (UTC) rather than the clinic time zone - this update should force all the fields to use the clinic time zone.
    Faxes: Previously invalid fax numbers (ie. too long or with an invalid area code) would fail without sending a task to the original user. This update puts in a failsafe to ensure faxes create a task if they fail due to unexpected inputs.
    Tasks: Increases task pagination to load 100 records (rather than 20) to allow for easier Ctrl-F when looking for a specific task for a specific user.
    Bills: When hovering over a prior "bill submission" in the billing view it will be possible to see what BA/Locum BA was used when submitting the bill that particular time.
  • A placeholder screenshot of the Ava platform.
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Datepickers: Adds datepickers to vaccine dates, imported file assignment, calculated results, and clinic management schedule builders.
    Demographics: Adds functionality to the demographics ‘clock’ icon. Clicking the clock will update the "last reviewed" date of the demographics so it's easy to tell when the demographics were last reviewed with the patient.
    Framingham: Adds a field for family history. As family history is not endorsed by the original Framingham study, this takes inspiration from the Best Science Medicine approach to adding a "relative risk adjustment" field that can be used to add in extra risk based on family history.
    Panel Profiles/CPAR: Finishing beta testing with our initial clinic. Adds "third next available appointment" calculation to panels, adds guard clauses for CPAR exports and CPAR imports.
    Performance: Tasks, consults and patient charts now only load the first 20 records and automatically load more records when the list is scrolled to the bottom. This should significantly improve the load time of the consult screen/task view/charts that have several hundred (or even several thousand) records.
    PDF Forms: Adds BMI auto-population feature to patient forms. Forms can use the familiar %^bmi^% alias syntax to pre-populate forms with the patient's latest BMI (if there is a BMI in Ava).
    PDF Forms: Adds an "Only First Page" checkbox when uploading PDF Forms. This sets the default when faxing forms. If a form is generally supposed to be 2 pages, unchecking this box will default the fax screen to fax the entire document instead of only the first page.
    PDF Forms: Alphabetizes the Clinic Management PDF Forms list.
    Tasks: Tasks have been updated to display the task redirection path in the notes. Whenever a task has notes added or is redirected the task notes section will record which user redirected the task to which user/task group.
    Vitals: Web browsers have a default setting that causes "scrolling" the page with a scroll wheel to change number fields if the number fields is selected and the mouse is hovering over the field. This overrides the browser default to prevent changing numeric values with the scroll wheel.
  • Vector representation of a medical chart.
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Billing: Billing manager view will display a warning if there are any bills listed as needs review - this should help identify if bills were accidentally entered as "2021" rather than "2022" when the year rolls over.
    Letters: Adds the ability to remove the patient's email from Letters.
    Patient Lists: Adds ability to sort patient list by date added rather than alphabetically.
    Patient Lists: Updates appointment query filter to only look for appointments by a specific employee (rather than at the entire clinic) if an employee filter is selected as the starting list.
    Paneling: Adds "Panel Profiles" - currently under beta testing. This is the updated view for managing panels, exporting data to CPAR and importing data from CPAR.
    Paneling: Adds different icons in the "Primary Panel" section of the EMR for different Specialties (ie. Family Medicine and Walk In) as well as adds a green color to the icon if "primary" is checked off.
    PDF Forms: Adds ability to "copy" a PDF form in the "My Forms" section - this will retain any pre-populated default aliases (such as "%^p_name^%"). This would mostly be used in the case of a clinic template for "Prenatal Blood Work" or "Male Physical Exam" or "Female Physical Exam".
    PDF Forms: Allows ability to select the "Share with Ava" box when editing PDF Forms (previously was only available when first creating forms).
    PDF Letterhead: Previously only a patient's "Primary" number was included in the letterhead of consult notes. This update adds the patient’s secondary and work phones (if they have been populated in the EMR).
  • Three windows labeled 'Important Reminders, Consultations, and Documents and Forms'
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Autosaving Notes: We've added autosave to clinical notes! Notes will need to be saved at least once in order to trigger autosaving. When you click a pencil icon to open a note it will automatically start autosaving. One of our biggest concerns with this feature was the potential that a note could inadvertently get overwritten if two people were working on a note at the same time. In order to reduce this risk we've added a check that will prevent the autosave from working if the note has changed since the edit button was clicked.
    Attachments on Requisitions: Previously when sending a requisition that had an attachment (ie. sending a CT requisition with a previous US result) was complicated. We had some workarounds but none of them worked smoothly. There is now the ability to add attachments (previous results, clinical notes, etc.) to the requisition prior to faxing! Click on the paperclip icon when making a requisition to open the attachments window.
    Consults: For our specialist colleagues! It's now possible to create a consult that defaults the consult note to a "response" (right side) rather than a "request" (left side). If the chart doesn't already have a consult object in it you can click the icon that looks like a user with a plus symbol to create a "response" without the previous workaround.
    Consult Requests: Auto-populates date when creating new consult requests.
    Consult Requests: Adds week navigation when booking appointments from the consult requests screen.
    Consult Requests: Adds ability for clinics to set a "default specialty" in clinic management. This will automatically set the "service" of new consult requests to the default specialty if one is specified.
    Consultants: Adds ability to search for a consultant with a comma similar to searching for patients (ie. now searching for "Johansson, Emil" will only return the consultant Emil Johansson). Previously searches would only allow searching by last name so finding consultants with common last names could be challenging.
    Consult Requests: Adds ability to explicitly state the date the consult request was added to a waitlist. Previously this was inferred from the date of the consult request, however, in cases where consult requests were incomplete this could lead to them being placed higher in the waitlist than expected.
    Invoices: Adds the ability to have public and private notes for invoices. Public notes will be printed on the invoice and private notes are only saved in the EMR. Clinics can also set a default public note (such as business number) that shows up on every invoice. This can be helpful if there are several Service Canada invoices that require business numbers.
    Macros: The macro context menu now has the ability to paste all the patient histories into the text box. This covers two functions: for those that want to have the history items in the middle of the note rather than an appendix it provides that function. Also, for those that want to include part (but not all) of the history items in a consult request this allows for removing things from the list prior to sending.
    Private Invoicing: When an invoice is canceled/deleted/marked as incorrect a popup will ask if the inventory should be added back into the amount "in stock" or if the amount "in stock" should be left as is. This should allow a more robust usage of the "inventory with limited quantity" feature in the inventories section of the EMR.
    Paneling: We've added the ability for clinics to "panel" patients to family doctors that don't use Ava (yet!) or family doctors that are not part of that particular clinic. This doesn't affect patient lists, our (coming soon) CPAR rollout or the Automator. However, it is very useful when receiving consults as it allows consultants to keep track of who the family doctor is for a particular patient. Long term we're working on setting this up as a "care team" so it's easier to keep track of which specialists are involved for our complicated patients.
    Forms: Clinic forms will now show up as "added" under the "My Forms" page. This should prevent users from accidentally adding a form twice by adding it through the clinic and their personal set of forms.
    Recalls: Tasks can now be flagged as "recall" when assigning/completing them. This will add the task to a special list in the patient chart (there's a new icon in the reminders section). This makes it much easier to figure out why a patient was recalled when they come into the clinic "for follow up because your clinic booked me in." The original Ava users might remember we had a recall button several versions back - this recall button functions differently - it'll only really add the task to this special list in the chart. We've replaced the original "recall" function with task macros which are way more flexible!
    Schedules: When creating new regular breaks the scheduler would inactive the old regular breaks schedule. It's still a better idea to create multiple sub-schedules inside a schedule (the scheduler will load faster if there's only a single master schedule with regular breaks). However, it is possible to create several concurrent master schedules in the regular breaks section if desired.
    Stencils for Consult Requests: Clinics can now create and save stencils for consult requests under the clinic management section. If the stencil is marked as the primary stencil it will auto-populate when sending a consult response of that particular type. Consult response stencils can also be paired with a waitlist - when assigning a patient to the corresponding waitlist the consult response will be pre-populated with that particular waitlist's stencil. This also adds the ability for consult response stencils to use appointment aliases to speed up the development of "Appointment Booked" consult responses.
    Task Management: Adds ability to future date any task. Previously only reminders could be future dated - any future dated PDFs would show up in the "current tasks" list in the task view. Previously, if a result required a follow up the most commonly used workflow was to create a new reminder in the patient chart. This worked but created more clicks than were necessary. Now, it's possible to just future date the task and have it show up in your inbox on the new due date.
    Task Management: Related to the above enhancement - there's now a filter that allows filtering for "all tasks" (regardless of due date) or "future tasks" (only tasks due in the future). The default is still "current tasks" which will show only tasks that are currently due (due to time zone issues sometimes this will come up with tasks that are due 1 day into the future).
    Upcoming: CPAR: Updates some infrastructure to get us ready for the CPAR rollout. Alberta Health and the AMA have officially given Ava the green light to move forward on the CPAR initiative.
  • A dashboard view of a patient's personal forms
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Automator: Updates guideline searching to make it easier to find correct guidelines to apply to the panel. Updates task view for automator generated reminders.
    Consults: When sending consults you can select whether or not Ava will send a reminder if the consult status isn't "Received" or greater. It's also possible to set the reminder to go to a team member rather than the originator of the consult.
    Consultants: Adds pagination and ability to page through the entire address book (50 results at a time).
    Medications: It's now possible to write prescriptions with multiple instructions. For example, when writing a prednisone taper you can click on the "+ Add" button to add more lines. This also works with medication favourites so it's possible to write a medication taper regimen as a favourite.
    Medications: Adds ability to put in a "historical" medication. This allows you to backdate a medication that was prescribed at a different time. This is mostly used when adding meds to the chart after writing orders in LTC or giving verbal orders over the phone.
    Consult Requests: Automatically updates consult request status to "Booked" when an appointment is booked and assigned to the consult request.
    Clinic Logo: Adds ability to add a clinic logo that will display on the top of consult requests and other letterheads.
    Letters: Adds ability to write a letter on behalf of another user similar to the way consults work.
    Reminders/Tasks: When sending reminders with no text in the "notes" field or when redirecting the task to someone else without writing anything in the notes field Ava will fill in the notes section with a "Redirected to X" or a "Created by X" to make it easier to track task flow across the clinic.
    Invoices: Adds Other option to Invoice payment options.
    Upcoming: Dashboards: We are currently working on updating how dashboards are managed in the front end - they aren't up yet but we should have more usable dashboards over the next several development cycles.
  • Window with the text 'Adams, Cassidy -> Currently Due' on a pink background
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Patient Chart: Adds a calendar that is hoverable in the "Reminders" section. When hovering over the calendar it will show all future appointments for this patient at your current clinic.
    Billing: Allows selecting of multiple "needs_review" bills at once to review.
    Clinic groups: Allows clinics to share charts between locations. This is mostly used for chains of clinics. This allows each clinic to keep its own chart view and only shares data between clinics that are joined via a Clinic Group.
    Imported Files: It is now possible to "Fax Back" an imported file that hasn't been assigned to a patient.
    Recycle Bin: Adds a recycle bin to Tasks/Imported Files. If you accidentally delete an imported file that actually should be not deleted you can find it via the recycle bin feature. The recycle bin keeps the last 100 deleted Imported Files.
    Letterhead: Adds City and Province to letterheads in PDFs.
    Netcare: This was up in a recent hotfix, however, the Netcare Launch button should currently be working
    Patient Lists: Adds sorting to the patient lists index view.
    Patient Lists: Adds a checkbox that adds the ability to exclude deceased patients from patient lists. This will default to true.
    SMS Templates: SMS templates can be added to clinic management. This will allow staff to click a button to send SMS messages to patients. These are limited to 160 characters due to technical limitations with SMS messaging.
    Task Groups: Previously task groups could not be deleted if they had tasks associated with them - this is still the case, however, there is now a function in the task groups screen to allow the tasks to all be reassigned to another task group.
  • A list of patients, their illnesses, and who they are assigned to.
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Appointments: Adds ability for patients to confirm appointments from a link in the SMS reminders/email reminders. For patients that don't have access to technology, staff can manually mark appointments as being confirmed.
    Appointments: Adds ability to adjust the timing of email/SMS reminders from 1 to 7 days before the appointment. The clinic default will remain at 5, however, it can be adjusted up or down as needed.
    Data Imports: Adds Healthquest data import algorithm.
    PDF File Responses: Changes color of the icon when a pdf file response has been added.
    Prenatal: Adds the "extra notes" data as an appendix in prenatals. Allows longer notes to be written/included when printing prenatal records.
    Reminders: UI changes - updates the Reminders form to make the UI a bit cleaner.
    Results: Adds a fax back button to PDF-based labs and investigations.
  • Vector representation of a workspace in which tasks can be marked as complete.
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Authorized Clinics: Adds an "authorized clinics" section to the Clinic Policies section.
    Faxes: Adds a timestamp to all sent faxes. Any future faxes that are sent will have a timestamp of the time sent (rather than just date sent) in the "Outgoing Faxes" view. Outgoing Faxes are also sorted by date + time sent rather than date sent.
    Faxes: Adds a button in Clinic Management to test SRFax integration to ensure it can connect after the initial setup.
    Reminders: UI changes - updates the Reminders form to make the UI a bit cleaner.
  • Three windows labeled 'Important Reminders, Consultations, and Documents and Forms'
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Address Book: Adds ability to put in custom service names.
    Appointment Types: 18 new icons have been added!
    Scheduler: Day of the week is shown in the clinic dayview.
    Tasks: The Urgent header is marked in red if there are urgent tasks in the inbox.
    Reports: Added a poller that continuously checks to see if Ava has finished running a report.
    Patient Lists: Added a poller that continuously checks to see if Ava has finished running an automated patient list.
    Patient Lists: Adds pagination to patient lists - previously for large patient lists we noticed the server took a long time to load all the patients in the list and it was hard to navigate to and from the lists. We've added pagination that displays 25 patients at a time to allow for easier list traversal and management.
  • Window with the text 'Adams, Cassidy -> Currently Due' on a pink background
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Billing: Previously extra text would persist between bills, however, it lead to issues where subsequent bills were submitted without users being aware that extra text was being added to the following bills as well.
    Credentials: In account management you can now add credentials (ie. MD CCFP, NP, RN). If these are added they will be appended behind your name when creating letters or prescriptions.
    Vaccines: Adds COVID vaccine into the vaccine options.
    Billing Codes: Updated billings codes to the new SOMB dated April 30, 2021.
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