New updates and improvements.
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  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Percentiles: In the Rourke and SOAP templates, percentiles will now auto-calculate.
    Employee day-sheet: pdf now includes additional demographic information - DOB and PHN - and increased character limit for Notes column.
    Age alias now includes days (for 60 days and under), months (for 24 months and under) and years.
    Bills are now submitted multiple times per day instead of just once per day.
    Added a “recently searched” dropdown to patient searches.
    Added “Employee” column when viewing Clinic AB/BC Bills.
    Users can add attachments to the “fax back” feature for faxes/imported files.
    BC labs: Other Documents that come in via Excelleris (and ConnectCare) that are discrete data rather than PDFs can be attached to consults/chart printing.
    Fixed an issue preventing WSBC “non form” bills from being sent to WSBC.
    Users can now turn off employee predictions for the document classifier.
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Printed SOAP notes show up in correct order (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan).
    Users have the ability to annotate and fax back consult documents.
    New "change chart folder" icon to relocate electronic lab results in patients' charts.
    Alias name changed from "billing number" to "PRAC ID" (Alberta Clinics) and "MSP" (BC clinics).
    Prescription Printing: More prescriptions will fit on a page.
    From patients' charts and the side bar: Users can select, open and edit bills under the Prior Bills menu.
    BC clinic billings: All specific ICD-9 codes (including the 5 digit ones) are available.
    Fix for BC clinic billings: Users no longer have to enter a colon when entering start and end times for bills.
    There is an extra “description” field for WSBC Claim Numbers which allows the clinic to have multiple claim numbers and know which one is for which claim.
    WSBC Claim Number field automatically opens and shows the potential claim numbers and description entered in.
    New MSP validation button on patient demographics label.
  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Updates on BC bills migration and matching process for WSBC and bills that were migrated from other systems
    Updates on WSBC submission process
    Users are able to have multiple BAs/Payee Numbers
    Streamlined Consult request: Users are able to assign consult speciality when first sorting consult request
    Streamlined Consult request: Users are able to automatically mark referring physician as family physician when first sorting consult request
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Fix: Users are not able to create Clinic Invoice for another employee if they do not have the privilege to do so.
    Bug fix for referring provider autocomplete when creating a bill
    User are able to enter referring providers’ contact and fax information in Clinic Policies
    Users are able to populate referring providers’ contact and fax information when responding to a consult request from tasks
    Users are able to automatically add and copy (cc) primary/referring providers’ when writing consult letters and clinical notes..
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Ava Connect: Allow Users add appointment directly to google calendar
    Ava Connect: Connect users who try to login through invitation link will be automatically redirected to website
    Fix for Macros: Inserting Macros into a field will work despite the presence of another semicolon in previous text
    Fix for Connect Accounts: Users are able to delete a Connect user's account under their clinic, but this doesn't affect the Connect user's account with other clinics that they are a part of.
    Pathology Reports: Long form results in form or texts and paragraphs are easier to read and review for lab results
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Enhanced DaySheet PDF with Demographic Information (DOB and PHN) and Increased Character Limit for Notes Column
    eForms: Users are able to set up task recipients for completed eForms when creating appointment types associated with an eForm
    Fix for appointment scheduling information window displaying incorrect GP and clinic information
    UI update to Patient List: In Starting list filters, users cannot filter for All Patients after filtering for an employee.
    Send PDF button now functional when sending messages to patients through tasks.
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Ava Connect: Toggle between Table and Graph View for biometrics entries
    Ava Connect: Adds ability to delete biometrics entries in Table View
    Ava Connect: Toggle to view password when creating a new password
    Ava Connect: Fix for biometrics date picker bug with iOS Safari users
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Fix for Ava Connect Login issue: Users will no longer see unnecessary pop-up for inactivity
    Stripe Integration: Introduced payments for Ava Scribe in beta testing group
    Scribe Beta: Scribe icon no longer hidden when both mini scheduler and scribe are open
    Alberta Prenatal Record: Clear error message when users forget to enter a date for Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and attempt to save flow sheet record
    Alberta Prenatal Record: Toggle All Sections allows users expand and contract all subsections
    Alberta Prenatal Record: Pop-out mode to view and edit Prenatal Record
    Alberta Prenatal Record: Increased character limit for ‘Comments’ field
    Alberta Prenatal Record: ‘Medications’, ‘Allergies’ and ‘Other Medical History’ field text populate appropriately in PDF format
  • A dashboard view of a patient's personal forms
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Panel Profiles: Released "Panel Profiles" under the "Panel" menu! This feature is designed to replace the previous "My Panel" and "Clinic Panel" sections. You can create traditional lists of one physician at one clinic, however, it also supports multiple practitioner panels (ie. a shared panel between multiple practitioners) and multi-site panels (ie. a single practitioner across multiple clinic locations). This is also going to be the gateway for CPAR - currently the AMA is reviewing our user guides before greenlighting the final release of CPAR. In the meantime you can use the Panel Profile section to start cleaning up your clinic panels.
    Query Builder: Querying appointments will now exclude 'Canceled', 'Missed' or 'Deleted' appointment statuses.
    Appointments: Previously appointments on the scheduler would not show "notes" if a room was assigned to the appointment. Now "notes" will still show up in the appointment if there is room in the appointment display.
    Macros: Adds a date-stamp functionality (under the previous time stamp).
    Macros: Adds macro functionality to Ava Connect Messaging, Chief Complaint field, appointments, invoices (public notes and private notes), task view other documents, patient sidebar reminders and consult tasks.
    Appointments: Previously when the EMR sent out appointment reminders the "updated at" timestamp was updated which caused the "last updated by x employee at y time" field to have the wrong time. Now the appointment reminders will not update the timestamp so this label will be more accurate.
    VideoLink: Adds auto-population of phone numbers and emails in VideoLink.
    PDF Forms: Updates the PDF Form plugin to use a newer version. Previously hard to identify bugs (ie. occasional saving of the form with blank data before it loaded pre-existing data) should be resolved with the new version.
    CPSA/College Numbers: Previously consults, prescriptions and letters all included CPSA/college numbers. Now only prescriptions will include CPSA numbers by default. Users can prevent the CPSA number from showing up on prescriptions by changing this setting under My Account > Account Management >Ava Customizations.
    SRFax: Adds a check to prevent a user from accidentally putting in the wrong SRFax password when updating SRFax settings under clinic management.
    Date Fields: Some date fields that defaulted to "today's date" would use the server time zone (UTC) rather than the clinic time zone - this update should force all the fields to use the clinic time zone.
    Faxes: Previously invalid fax numbers (ie. too long or with an invalid area code) would fail without sending a task to the original user. This update puts in a failsafe to ensure faxes create a task if they fail due to unexpected inputs.
    Tasks: Increases task pagination to load 100 records (rather than 20) to allow for easier Ctrl-F when looking for a specific task for a specific user.
    Bills: When hovering over a prior "bill submission" in the billing view it will be possible to see what BA/Locum BA was used when submitting the bill that particular time.
  • A placeholder screenshot of the Ava platform.
    OverviewGeneral enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Datepickers: Adds datepickers to vaccine dates, imported file assignment, calculated results, and clinic management schedule builders.
    Demographics: Adds functionality to the demographics ‘clock’ icon. Clicking the clock will update the "last reviewed" date of the demographics so it's easy to tell when the demographics were last reviewed with the patient.
    Framingham: Adds a field for family history. As family history is not endorsed by the original Framingham study, this takes inspiration from the Best Science Medicine approach to adding a "relative risk adjustment" field that can be used to add in extra risk based on family history.
    Panel Profiles/CPAR: Finishing beta testing with our initial clinic. Adds "third next available appointment" calculation to panels, adds guard clauses for CPAR exports and CPAR imports.
    Performance: Tasks, consults and patient charts now only load the first 20 records and automatically load more records when the list is scrolled to the bottom. This should significantly improve the load time of the consult screen/task view/charts that have several hundred (or even several thousand) records.
    PDF Forms: Adds BMI auto-population feature to patient forms. Forms can use the familiar %^bmi^% alias syntax to pre-populate forms with the patient's latest BMI (if there is a BMI in Ava).
    PDF Forms: Adds an "Only First Page" checkbox when uploading PDF Forms. This sets the default when faxing forms. If a form is generally supposed to be 2 pages, unchecking this box will default the fax screen to fax the entire document instead of only the first page.
    PDF Forms: Alphabetizes the Clinic Management PDF Forms list.
    Tasks: Tasks have been updated to display the task redirection path in the notes. Whenever a task has notes added or is redirected the task notes section will record which user redirected the task to which user/task group.
    Vitals: Web browsers have a default setting that causes "scrolling" the page with a scroll wheel to change number fields if the number fields is selected and the mouse is hovering over the field. This overrides the browser default to prevent changing numeric values with the scroll wheel.
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