New updates and improvements.
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  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Consults: Clinics can now determine if they want to receive reminders or not. To change this setting, navigate to Clinic Management >> Summary >> Click on "Edit Consult Manager">> Check or uncheck the box for "Consult: Send Reminder Default".
    Patient Chart: Click can now search for patients by their emails under "Advanced Search Option".
    Patient List: Users can now specify a list to “display in patient chart” under the Reminders Section.
  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    WSBC: WSBC Templates now have the ability to add Start/End Time.
    WCB: WCB billing codes have been added. Clinics can now create bills to keep a track of WCB payments made through WCB portal
    BC Clinics: More categories have been added to choose from when they are sorting other document faxes.
    Billing: "Good Faith" bills are now available for users who wish to bill.
  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Fax Cover Page: Clinics now have the ability to skip fax cover page. Clinics can set this by navigating to Clinic Management >> Fax Providers >> Click Pencil Icon (Edit) >> Check “Skip Cover Page” Box
    PDF's: All PDF files will have the permanent rotate menu above them
    PDF's: “Task Notes” and “New Task” moved to the toolbar in "Other Documents" section.
    Consults: consults that are in “Other Documents” can now be moved to “Consults” section of the patient chart. The steps involved are - Go to Patient Chart >> “Other Documents” >> Open the consult in question >> click the "Ambulance" icon to move the document.
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements for PDFTron. Users can now use PDF forms more efficiently
    Fixes and Improvements
    PDFTron: Users will now see a new "user interface" for Pdf forms
    PDFTron: Signature can now be stamped using the signature button in the top bar of the form
    PDFTron: Users can now create forms and make the gender boxes auto populate.
    PDFTron: Users can now upload a Pdf form and make it fillable within the form
  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements in Billing and Clinical note sections
    Fixes and Improvements
    Billing: Users can now enter internal notes for individual bill
    Billing: “Mark as Paid” and “Write Off” buttons on Clinic Bills view have been added back
    WCB Clinical Note: Once you select the author of the note the physician credentials will be updated accordingly in the note
    Scribe: Ava AI is now called "Ava Intelligence"
  • OverviewGeneral enhancements pertaining to Billing, Labs, and Alberta prenatal record areas of the EMR.
    Fixes and Improvements
    Billing: Encounter number is added to the Prior Bills section in Billing window.
    Labs: Lab trending should now work between labs received pre-and-post ConnectCare update
    Alberta Prenatal Record: Users can now unarchive flowsheets if they were accidentally archived before.
  • OverviewThe improvements made in this update are related to Other Documents, Billing, and Rolodex sections in the EMR.
    Fixes and Improvements
    Users can now send documents under "Other Documents" to Ava Connect.
    Billing: A new “reset filters” button was added in Billing Manager View
    Rolodex: Fixes bugs that caused apostrophes in names to turn into html entities.
  • OverviewThe updates were focused on four main areas: Vaccines, Vitals, Patient Notices, and Appointments.
    Fixes and Improvements
    Vaccines: “Print Vaccines” button now added to the chart view
    Vitals: An icon was added to show if vitals were created by patient or clinic when using the tooltip in clinical notes
    Patient Notices: Macros/alt click menu is now available to "Patient Notices" text areas
    Appointments: Now clinics have the ability to turn off ALL "email/sms reminders" for a clinic
  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Updates to BC Remittance Reports
    Bug Fix: Excelleris PDF results can now be dragged from Results to Other Documents
    Bug Fix for “we can’t find this record” error in the Tasks screen
    BC Bills: Added a submission code field so it can be set manually.
  • OverviewGeneral Enhancements
    Fixes and Improvements
    Claim number no longer required for ICBC bills
    WSBC Form 8/11 note templates are now printable on the appropriate pdf form
    WSBC bills are pre-populated with information (anatomic position, claim number, date of injury etc.) from the WSBC Form 8/11 note template
    WSBC Form 8/11: Increased character limit for clinical information field to 800 or more. Only first 800 characters are sent to WSBC
    CCFPP checkbox now displayed for all BC bills
    Outgoing Faxes: Employee field defaults to “All”.
    Excelleris Labs: Future labs and narrative reports should come in with appropriate format
    LFP bills: “My BC Bills” screen now displays time.
    Previous Rxs: Users can now fax previous prescriptions by clicking on the “previous Rx” button and then clicking the fax icon.
    Patient Lists: Bug fix for an issue where reports wouldn’t include any medications even if “current medications” was selected.
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